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Urban Vampire

Samuel Lamont

Almost every night, I get out and roam the streets of Durham. Usually, I donít really do anything special on these walks. Sometimes I go to Breaking New Grounds for a chai or a hot cider, but usually I just walk through downtown aimlessly. Sometimes when Iím walking, I meet up with a friend and we have a conversation. Unfortunately, most of the people I see downtown at night are students with no interest in me. This disappoints me, as although I love the night, it also fills me with loneliness.

Despite the loneliness, I still try to go on night walks whenever possible. Some people fear the night, but I donít. I see myself as an ďurban vampire,Ē one who causes fear, rather than succumbing to it. Well, maybe thatís going a bit too far. But I do feel more confident at night. This is probably because I actually have a pretty intimidating appearance with my above-average height, unkempt hair, and cold expression, even more so when itís dark out.

Thankfully, I havenít gotten in trouble on any of my night walks due to my appearance. Unfortunately, there is a group of incredibly annoying teens who hang out on Faculty Road. In high school, they verbally harassed me in high school, shouting offensive and annoying statements, and havenít given it up yet. I have to walk down Faculty Road to get downtown, and although Iíve been told to ignore people like that, itís pretty much impossible. It takes everything in me to not just lash out and beat them all up, instead just asking them to be quiet. Of course, they donít listen.

After Faculty Road, I usually turn right, onto Mill Pond Road. However, there isnít much on this street after nightfall, and I generally just walk straight up to Main Street, a patch of urban nightlife plucked up and placed in the middle of this small rural town. This is where I spend most of my time on night walks, usually stopping at Breaking New Grounds for a drink, then walking around the block, looking for familiar faces. In addition, I usually walk into JPís Eatery, but donít order anything, simply because I usually spend all my money on coffee. Usually, itís pretty insignificant, but I have seen friends there before. However, this is the exception, rather than the norm.

Overall, night walking is a pretty fun hobby. Itís interesting to see Durham at night, and sometimes I meet up with people I know in surprising places. So, if you see a figure wearing a black windbreaker roaming the streets at night, do not fear. I am merely a wanderer of the night, exploring the secrets hidden in the darkened streets.