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Poison Pie: A Thanksgiving Story

Samuel Lamont

Every Thanksgiving, I can’t help but remember my first bout with food poisoning, two years ago. It began in my high school Foods and Nutrition class, when we were given an assignment to bring in a pie recipe, then make the pie in question. Other than that, we weren’t given specific directions; we could make any kind of pie we wanted. We weren’t even working in groups, unlike in most Foods exercises, so we were on our own when it came to choosing. Fortunately, I had a pie recipe in mind. It was a recipe for custard pie which I had read in The Joy of Cooking, and it sounded really good, especially since I always have liked custard. However, it was a complex recipe, and I made several mistakes, such as not setting the oven correctly, as well as the fatal mistake of leaving the eggs out too long. Despite these mistakes, I eagerly looked forward to eating the pie, assuming that they wouldn‘t cause any problems. How wrong I was.

After finishing the pie, I noticed it looked a bit odd. Although I had never seen a custard pie before, I knew that its filling probably shouldn’t be solid. But it still looked good, and I could hardly wait to try it at Thanksgiving dinner. That year, we had dinner with some family friends, after which we were all going to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Although the main course was good, I eagerly anticipated eating the dessert that I had made myself. However, after taking a few bites of pie, I felt a strange feeling in my stomach and asked to be excused, assuming that I was just full. Fortunately, no one else had eaten the pie.

After being excused, I went to the basement to get away from the crowd. After about an hour of sitting in the basement reading, I realized that the strange feeling was more akin to nausea, so I told my parents, who asked me if I wanted to go home. I had mixed feelings about it; as I was sick and wanted to rest, but I was also disappointed about missing the movie. My mind quickly rationalized that I could see the movie after it came out on video, and that it would be best for me to go home and lie down. So, I decided to go home.

Shortly after getting back home, I rushed directly to the upstairs bathroom and flushed most of my Thanksgiving dinner from my system, including the bad pie. It took a few hours for me to recover, and for a while after that incident, I couldn’t hear the word “pie” without feeling slightly ill. So, overall, it wasn’t the best Thanksgiving ever. But it probably could have been worse.

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