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As you may know , Murphy's Law states that anything that can go wrong, will. This applies just as much to RPGs, both console and computer, as to real life. Here are some Murphy's Laws I've found in some of my favorite RPGs. Appropriately enough, I have thirteen total, If you want, feel free to submit your own!

The List

  1. When you increase your stats or decrease the enemy’s stats, it’s barely noticable. When the enemy increases their stats or decreases yours, it’s always enough to be deadly. (Exception:Chrono Cross)
  2. As soon as you’re sure that the enemies are going to be easy, they become virtually-immortal powerhouses that can rend you to shreds before you can say “Qrschxglfvbn.” Final Fantasy IX is the biggest offender here.
  3. The difficulty of the boss is directly proportional to the cheapness of the enemies before it. Examples include Rembrandt in Tales of Destiny and Lava Piranha in Paper Mario.
  4. The first boss is always surprisingly difficult. (Examples:Batista in Tales of Destiny and Caruban in Legend of Legaia.)
  5. Whenever people talk about how “easy” a boss is, it’s guaranteed to be virtually impossible to defeat. Example: Safer Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII.
  6. In Legend of Mana, the ability you want to learn the most is always the last one you learn.
  7. The odds of escaping a battle are directly proportional to your chances of winning.
    *COROLLARY: If you do escape an incredibly difficult battle, it will always be after all but one of your characters are dead and the living character is poisoned, reduced to 1 HP, or has been affected by some other annoying negative status. Very common in Earthbound.
  8. You will always forget to save after beating the hardest boss in the game.
  9. In Suikoden II, when you defeat Luca Blight on the first try, you will wind up losing the one-on-one battle with him.
  10. The one who gets confused is always your most powerful character. Useless people never get confused.
  11. In Earthbound, lightning attacks will hit everyone except the person with the Franklin Badge.
  12. The amount of time since your last save is directly proportional to the likelihood of a power failure occuring.
  13. The moment you revive someone, a monster will always attack them and kill them again in a single blow.
    *COROLLARY: This will usually happen when you’ve used your last revival item on the character in question.
    *COROLLARY: The character in question will almost always be essential to victory in the current battle.
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