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Dark Poetry

Dawn of the Apocalypse

Lo, as the first star of dusk rises in the evening
The crimson moon shall eclipse the white
Casting an evil halo over the world
Its evil light shall mutate all life beyond recognition
And those that dwell below shall be reborn into the world above
Dominating those not warped by the dark halo
Earth shall become as hell
And the angels and demons shall fight their final battle
For the souls of the doomed humans of the world
This is the dawn of the apocalypse.

Twilight Mirage

Beyond the twilight clouds
The fading sun casts a mirage
Descending beyond the night
The dark ones begin their advent
The shadow of the ancient sealed beast
Will eclipse the moon
Engulfing all light
Our world will be torn asunder
As the fallen angels return from Hell
Purifying the cursed lands in dark flame
The twilight of man approacheth
Those who oppose it shall be destroyed
The souls of the unforgiven ones
Shall never return to the broken world