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So, you want to leave? Well, let me direct you to a few other sites that might be of interest.

Kahran's Haven
My Livejournal. Check it out, and feel free to leave comments. I love getting feedback on the things I do!
My MySpace profile
Yes, I've succumbed to the temptation of MySpace. Feel free to visit me and leave comments- I check my profile semi-regularly and am willing to respond to most comments that aren't spam.
CS 403 Homepage
The website for the Computer Science class at UNH for which I made this presentation. Also contains Web presentations made by my classmates.
A really fun website where you can create your own virtual pets, play Flash games, collect items, chat online...the possibilities are limitless! If you're looking for me on Neopets, I go by the username kahran042. Any feedback is welcome!
Videogame Sprites.net
A huge collection of sprites from assorted video games. This is where I got all the sprites for this presentation.
Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia
Basically a free online encyclopedia which anyone can edit. Contains lots of interesting info on a wide range of subjects.

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