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The World of Ruin

As a result of Kefka's rise to power, the very face of the world was reshaped. Entire villages were destroyed, continents shifted, and powerful monsters were released from below. Many places have changed, and some have even ceased to exist...



The change to this once-prosperous colliery town is evident immediately. The geothermal furnaces that once kept the town warm enough for human habitation have ceased to function, and a strange haze hangs in the air. Monsters freely roam the abandoned streets and mines, including the Ice Dragon, who dwells in the northern snowfield. There are rumors of a few survivors, though, including a strange old man, a Moogle, and an infamous pickpocket...

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Figaro Castle

During the world's collapse, a colony of sandworms burrowed into Figaro Castle while it was beneath the desert, causing the many machines within to malfunction. The castle is now buried under the sand, but a group of thieves knows of an alternate entrance...

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Figaro Cave

The Figaro side of the cave has collapsed, and the healing spring no longer works. However, the turtle in the spring now acts as a stepping stone that one can use to reach a secret underground passage into the basement of Figaro Castle.

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South Figaro

The town of South Figaro hasn't changed much after the apocalypse. However, a group of thieves led by the mysterious Gerad stop here briefly before implementing their plan to break into the submerged Figaro Castle.

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House on the Veldt

As a result of the world shifting, the House on the Veldt is now actually on the Veldt. If you take Sabin and Gau here, you'll see a cutscene which is both touching and funny.

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Doma Castle

In the World of Ruin, Doma has become infested with demons who attack the minds of those filled with doubt, anger, and self-hate- people such as Cyan Garamonde. These demons can only be defeated by fighting them on their own turf- within the soul.

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The Veldt

The Veldt hasn't changed much, except for the fact that there is now a strange cave on its surface. What could lie within?

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Nowhere is the widespread devastation caused by Kefka more evident than in Mobliz. Kefka obliterated this town with the Light of Judgment, leaving half of it submerged. This disaster took the lives of all of Mobliz's adults, and the surviving children are watched over by none other than Terra. However, Terra feels that she can no longer fight. Can anything change her mind?

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Serpent Trench

When Kefka reshaped the world, the Serpent Trench rose from the ocean. A strange tower has been erected at the center of the trench, in an area completely surrounded by impassible mountains. What is the purpose of this tower?

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Nikeah hasn't changed a bit since the apocalypse. Merchants still roam the streets, and ships still sail between Nikeah and South Figaro. Briefly, a gang of thieves led by a man named Gerad stop here, but they later move on to South Figaro.

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In Kohlingen, people wistfully remember the days before Kefka came into power. Other than that, the village is almost unchanged.

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At first glance, there doesn't seem to be much change in Jidoor, other than the creepy new BGM playing. However, if you enter Owzer's mansion, you'll notice that it appears to have been taken over by some sort of evil presence. What could this mysterious presence be?

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Unlike most towns, Zozo hasn't changed a bit since the apocalypse. Well, all right. There is one change. A merchant in Zozo will sell you a bottle of Rust-Rid (Rustoleum™ in the Japanese version) that you can use to go through a rusted door in the highest tower and reach...

Mt. Zozo

A mountain range located just north of Zozo, and home to the Storm Dragon. This is also where the carrier pigeons Lola's return letters from Maranda go. Who could be living in such a remote place?

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Opera House

Now in an even more isolated location, the opera house now has a worse problem than stalkers and giant octopi dropping weights from the rafters. Specifically, a dragon has taken up residence on the stage! Is there anyone in the world with the courage and strength to defeat this beast?

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Albrook is the first town you'll come across in the World of Ruin, and it really shows the despair of the people in the world after Kefka's rise to power. Many people have lost hope altogether, but some of them have noticed that a man with a look of hope in his eyes headed north...

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When you arrive in Tzen, it's struck by Kefka's Light of Judgment. Talking to the citizens reveals that a child is trapped in the big mansion to the north. Sabin is holding it up, but not even he can hold it up forever. So you'll have to go in and rescue the child yourself...
After you rescue the child, Sabin rejoins the party. After the LoJ incident, life in Tzen goes back to normal, or as normal as life can be after your town was just blasted by a super-powerful energy beam.

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Maranda hasn't changed much after the end of the world. However, Lola has mentioned receiving letters and silk flowers from her boyfriend in Mobliz. But, as you might recall, Mobliz is little more than slag and rubble now. So, who could be sending those letters...?

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Thamasa is also seemingly unchanged between the two worlds. However, when you return here, you'll find out that Strago's old friend Gungho was injured fighting the beast Hidon, who dwells in a cave called Ebot's Rock, which has recently re-appeared. Can Strago defeat his old nemesis and avenge his friend?

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New Areas

When the world was reshaped, many new dungeons appeared, filled with vile monsters. However, within their dark confines lie incredible treasures and powerful Magicite. Do you dare enter?

The Cave on the Veldt

As the name implies, it's a cave on the Veldt. Many monsters inhabit the interior, including the mighty Senior Behemoth. THere is also a gang of thieves living in the cave, claiming that a dinosaur is living in the north forest. This is where Shadow is found in the World of Ruin if he survived on the Floating Continent.

Phoenix Cave

A dormant volcano located at the center of a star-shaped mountain range. Emperor Gestahl kept his most prized treasure, the Phoenix Magicite, here, and this is where the Red Dragon lives. In order to fully explore the Phoenix Cave, you must split into two parties in order to open certain doors and passages.

Fanatics' Tower

A tower built on the Serpent Trench by a group of Kefka-worshipping fanatics. Inside the tower, only magical attacks may be used, and hence all of the monsters in here are powerful magic-users, including the boss, MagiMaster. It's said that the fanatics also keep a mighty dragon on one floor of the tower, and that the treasure on top can greatly increase the wearer's magical potential.


In the World of Balance, there was an old man living north of Kohlingen, who dreamed of building a monument to war. After Kefka's rise to power, his dream came true with the establishment of the Dragon's Neck Colosseum. Here, you can bet various items to win better ones by fighting monsters. However, you can't control your character in the colosseum, and you lose both the item you bet and the item you would have won if you lose. In addition, some trades end up with you on the losing end, with an inferior item to the one you started with.

Ebot's Rock

Home to the dread beast known as Hidon, Ebot's Rock was submerged below the ocean for decades, but rose to the surface when Kefka reshaped the world. Within the cave, there are many treasure chests, all containing various amounts of coral. There is also a talking treasure chests which, if fed enough, will lead you to Hidon...

Ancient Castle

A castle that was buried below the sands of Figaro for a millennium, discovered when you attempt to travel from Figaro to Kohlingen using Figaro Castle's submerge mechanism. The castle contains many treasures, as well as a petrified image of the powerful Esper Odin. Odin was said to have fought on the side of humanity during the War of the Magi, and it is also said that a human queen fell in love with him due to his noble soul. Tragically, the two lovers were turned to stone by a powerful mage during the war. If you reunite them, perhaps you will be rewarded...

Kefka's Domain

A massive collective of debris collected from the world's collapse, Kefka's domain contains elements of the Floating Continent, Imperial Palace, and Magitek Research Facility. The monsters that roam it are diverse, including modified versions of Imperial machinery, powerful dragons, ninja, and demonic creatures known only as Dark Forces, which wield almost every Blue Magic spell known. Kefka himself waits in the deepest part of the fortress, beyond the three Goddess statues...

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