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General Information

Why I Love FFVI

When I was twelve, a small video game rental shop opened in my town. Sometimes, I'd go there with my dad and rent games. Once, I noticed an interesting-looking game on one of the shelves.
That game was Final Fantasy VI, or Final Fantasy III as I knew it at the time. I rented it and immediately fell in love with the rich storyline, the complex characters, and the beautiful (for the time)
graphics. From there, I developed an interest in RPGs. Although I had played a few up to that point and enjoyed them, I still hadn't really been absorbed by the genre. FFVI made me into a die-hard RPG fan,
which I still am to this day. So, that's my story. Now, for what you're probably all here for.

The World of FFVI

Final Fantasy VI is set in a standard fantasy-type world with strong steampunk1 undertones. 1000 years before the events of the game, three powerful goddesses were sealed away for an unknown reason. Eventually, they began quarreling, which escalated into an all-out war between the three that would later become known as the "War of the Magi." Some humans were caught in the crossfire of the war and were
transformed into magical beasts known as Espers. Eventually, the goddesses, realizing what their war had done to the world, decided to seal themselves into stone, leaving the world in ruins, and magic almost completely non-existent, with only
Espers and certain monsters able to use it. A few decades before the events of the game, a man named Gestahl used power stolen from Espers combined with technology to establish a powerful militaristic empire, which seeks to enslave the world. A group called the Returners was later formed by the priest Banon to fight against the Empire, but are largely unsuccessful. The story begins when two Imperial soldiers, accompanied by a mysterious young woman, head to the city of Narshe to investigate rumors of an Esper discovered in a new coal mine there. But could this simple event lead to another War of the Magi?

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Rarely Asked Questions

Why did you make this site?
Because I love FFVI. Also, my final project for my CS 403 class is to make a web presentation with a theme, and I decided, "what better theme than one of my favorite video games?"
But, I thought your favorite game was Live-a-Live. It said so on your old site...
Do you have any idea how hard it is to find sprites for LaL?
What's with all the colored attack names?
Simple. It's my way of indicating the attack's element, as follows:
Color Meaning
Scarlet Fire
Silver Ice
Violet Thunder
Bright green Poison
Brown Earth
Sky blue Wind
Cerulean Water
White Pearl/Holy2

Anything in standard grey text is either a healing ability, a non-damaging status move, or has some other effect, which I'll describe when I come to it.
What's <steampunk, Mary Sue, etc, etc...>?
Those terms are a bit too big for me to define in the main context of this Web presentation, so I made them into footnotes. When you see something with a little superscripted number next to it, click on the number for more information.

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Some Oddities of the FFVI World

Feel free to submit your own oddities to this list!

This is a collection of unusual facts about the world of FFVI.

References in FFVI, and references to FFVI

This is a guide to cultural references made in FFVI, as well as references to FFVI made by other things. If you can find any others, feel free to submit them!

References in FFVI

References to FFVI

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Contact info

If you'd like to contact me with suggestions, corrections, comments, constructive criticism, death threats, declarations of eternal love, et cetera, just e-mail me at:


This information is actually on every page, but I just figured that I'd place it here to make it a bit more noticeable.

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1. Steampunk: A fantasy/science fiction hybrid genre, featuring technology above the level of what would be expected for the setting. So named because the technology used is often steam-powered, but clockwork and magic-powered machines have also been featured in steampunk works.
2. Pearl is the name given to the Holy element in all English translations. I personally think it's kind of a stupid name, but I'm sticking with it for consistency's sake.