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Fun Facts about FFVI


This is a section for various mysteries of the FFVI world. If you have any theories on these, or anything you've been wondering about, please feel free to submit them!

In Tzen, one of the townsfolk mentions that the royal family of Tzen was slaughtered by the Empire. This person is the only one who mentions the Tzen royal family, and the Japanese script doesn't help. Is there any signifance to this? Is the big house in Tzen the former royal palace? If so, could the little boy you save in the World of Ruin and his mother be survivors of the Tzen royal family?

In the introductory cutscene, it's mentioned that iron, gunpowder, and steam engines have been rediscovered in the thousand years since the War of the Magi. Iron is pretty commonplace, and steam engines are shown with some frequency, but there are no places where gunpowder is used. There are no guns, no cannons, no hints of using explosives in the Narshe mines. Imperial troops, who you'd expect to use guns, instead use either swords or halberds. Sure, Siegfried has a gun in his battle sprite Why does he have a gun if he doesn't use it?, but all of his attacks seem to be sword-based.

How did the Jidoor auction house acquire the Golem and ZoneSeek Espers?

Who is the ninja who ambushes you when you flip the switch in the Cave to the Sealed Gate?

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Some obscure (or at least interesting) facts

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Rare Monsters

These are some monsters that can only be fought in certain areas or before clearing certain events. If you want a perfect Rage list for Gau, you have to fight every monster in the game, so missing some of these could screw you over. Hence, the list, in order to put them all in one place.

Rare monster #1: DobermanDoberman
In the Imperial camp, there's a chest that, when you try to open it, gives you a choice between hitting or kicking it. Choose to kick it, and you'll be attacked by two or three Dobermans.
Rare monster #2: TelstarTelstar
Also in the Imperial camp, Telstar is inside a treasure chest in one of the tents.
Rare monster #3: SpectreRare monster #4: RinnSpectre & Rinn
1/4 of the time when you mess up at the security checkpoint in the Narshe mines, the Dark Side enemy that attacks you will be accompanied by a Spectre and 3 Rinns.

Rare monster #5: Over-MindOver-Mind
Over-Minds can only be found on the Phantom Train. To be exact, they're found only in the car containing the switch you use to detach the rear cards.
Rare monster #6: SpecterSpecter
Found in a treasure chest in one of the compartments on the Phantom Train.
Rare monster #7: Heavy ArmorHeavy Armor
There are actually two opportunities to fight this mechanical monstrosity. Talking to any of the Magitek soldiers in South Figaro in Locke's scenario when in your normal clothes or disguised as a merchant will trigger a battle with a Heavy Armor. Alternatively, Heavy Armors can also show up rarely during the battle of Narshe.
Rare monster #8: Special ForcesSpecial Forces
During the banquet in Vector, choose to take a break when given the opportunity, then talk to any of the four soldiers next to Gestahl. They will ask to spar with you. Agree, and you'll fight four Special Forces.
Rare monster #9: GigantosGigantos
Found in a blue orb on the Floating Continent.
Rare monster #10: DropDrop
Rarely encountered in the engine room of Figaro Castle after you've defeated the Tentacles.
Rare monster #11: NightshadeNightshade
In the World of Ruin, examine the flower painting in Owzer's gallery before defeating Chadarnook.
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Attack Awards

Through studying the game's code, I have figured out the strongest and weakest attacks in each element, including physical attacks, non-elemental attacks, and curative abilities. Now, I will present them for the viewing of all. Enjoy!

And The Winners Are...

Element Strongest attack Battle power of strongest attack Weakest attack Battle power of weakest attack
Fire Merton 138 Fire 21
Ice Ice 3 122 Ice 22
Lightning Bolt 3 120

Tie between:

  1. Bolt
  2. Tek Laser
  3. Mega Volt
Poison Bio Blast 60

Tie between:

  1. Bio Blaster
  2. Virite
Earth Quake 111 Slide 75
Wind Merton 138 Gale Cut 15
Water Water Edge 100 Acid Rain 25
Pearl L? Pearl 120 Scar Beam 28
Physical Quadra Slice 70 Chainsaw 252
Non-elemental Goner 220 Launcher 8
Curative Spiraler 200

Tie between:

  1. Cure
  2. Lagomorph
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