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The Characters of Final Fantasy VI


This section contains spoilers!
If you don't want the plot spoiled, read no further than this line below!

List of Characters

The Returners

The Empire


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The Returners

Terra's status portrait.Terra Branford

Terra's sprite.
Age: 18
Class: Mage Warrior
Weapons: Daggers, swords, whips
Japanese name: Tina

"A mysterious young woman, controlled by the Empire, and born with the gift of magic..."

Terra is arguably the main character of Final Fantasy VI. At first, she is a mind-controlled puppet of the Empire, but after meeting with the Esper Tritoch, she is rescued from Narshe's militia by a treasure hunter named Locke and taken to Figaro Castle. After a confrontation with the Imperial general Kefka, Terra and Locke, along with King Edgar, head to the Returner hideout in the Sabil Mountains. At the hideout, Terra is asked to join the Returners, since she can communicate with Espers, and might be the last hope of the Returners, and possibly even the world...

Special ability: Morph

Later in the game, Terra is revealed to be half-human and half-Esper. After coming to accept her Esper heritage, she gains the ability to transform into an Esper-like being, increasing her magical power. However, she can only stay morphed for a limited time before having to recharge.

My Two Cents

Well, in personality, Terra is a bit annoying with her near-constant angst. In terms of battle, though, she's pretty decent, being good with both weapons and magic, not to mention being one of only two characters (Celes is the other) capable of learning magic by levelling up. However, she's overshadowed after you start getting Espers and learning magic on your own.

Terra's Spells

Note: Spells marked with asterisks can be split, dividing their effects among all targets.
  1. *Cure- Starts with. Heals a few HP to one ally or does mild damage to one undead target.
  2. *Fire- Starts with. Does mild fire-elemental damage to one enemy.
  3. Antdot- Learns at level 6. Removes poison from one ally.
  4. Drain- Learns at level 12. Damages one enemy and heals the caster by an equal amount. If used on undead, the effect is reversed.
  5. Life- Learns at level 18. Revives one dead ally. Instantly kills undead.
  6. *Fire 2- Learns at level 22. Does moderate fire-elemental damage to one enemy.
  7. Warp- Learns at level 26. Automatically ends a battle. Can also be used to exit a dungeon instantly.
  8. *Cure 2- Learns at level 33. Restores a fair amount of HP to one ally or does a moderate amount of damage to one undead target.
  9. Dispel- Learns at level 37. Removes all status effects, negative or positive, from one target.
  10. *Fire 3- Learns at level 43. Does heavy fire-elemental damage to one enemy.
  11. Life 2- Learns at level 49. Revives one dead ally with full HP. Instantly kills undead.
  12. Pearl- Learns at level 57. Does heavy holy-elemental damage to one enemy.
  13. Break- Learns at level 68. Turns one enemy to stone.
  14. Quartr- Learns at level 75. Reduces all enemies' HP by 75%. Never does fatal damage.
  15. Merton- Learns at level 86. Massive fire/wind damage to all enemies and allies.
  16. Ultima- Learns at level 99. Massive non-elemental damage to all enemies.
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Locke's status portrait.Locke Cole

Locke's sprite.
Age: 25
Class: Adventurer
Weapons: Knives, swords, boomerangs
Japanese name: Lock

"Treasure hunter and trail-worn traveler, searching the world over for the relics of the past...

Locke is a self-proclaimed "treasure hunter," but most would probably call him a thief. Just don't call him that to his face, or, in his words, "I'll rip your lungs out!"
But Locke is really an overall good guy. He is a member of the Returners, and meets Terra when assigned to bring her to meet their leader, Banon. At first, he seems to dislike her, but after finding out that she has amnesia, he promises never to leave her side until her memory returns. After reaching the Returners' hideout, Locke is sent on a mission into the occupied city of South Figaro, where he rescues the former Imperial general Celes Chere from an underground prison and vows to protect her. Locke's vows to protect both Terra and Celes spring from a tragedy in his past. When he was younger, he lived in a small village called Kohlingen. One day, he and his fianceé Rachel were exploring in a cave when an earthquake occurred. Rachel saved Locke from falling into a deep chasm, only to fall in herself. She managed to survive the fall, but lost her memory. Rachel's parents blamed Locke, who left town. When he returned, he found out that Rachel was mortally wounded in an Imperial attack. Before she died, her memory returned. Her last word was Locke's name. He blamed himself for her death and started searching for a way to bring her back. Presumably, this is when he joined the Returners. BTW, there's a line in the game where Locke states that someone important to him was jailed by the Empire. This is never brought up again, so it doesn't seem to make sense. However, in the Japanese version, Locke actually says that that someone was killed. Hence, it was obviously Rachel.

Special ability: Steal/Capture

Locke is able to steal items from enemies. This can range from common items like Tonics to powerful weapons and armor. If he's equipped with a Thief Glove accessory, his Steal command is replaced with Capture, which does damage in addition to stealing.

My Two Cents

In the first half of the game, Locke is a great character, especially since you're forced to use him half the time, so he gains a lot of levels. However, in the World of Ruin, he becomes merely above-average, partially because you have to go through a horribly-difficult dungeon just to get him back in your party. All in all, though, his Steal command is always useful, so I'd say he's a decent character.

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Edgar's status portrait.King Edgar Roni Figaro

Edgar's sprite.
Age: 27
Class: Machinist
Weapons: Knives, swords, spears
Japanese name: Edgar

"The young king of Figaro, ally to the Empire, and a master designer of machinery..."

Ten years before the events of the game, Edgar's father was murdered by the Empire. Both he and his twin brother, Sabin, wanted to flee the country to avenge their father, but they realized that if both of the heirs to the throne left, that would be a Bad Thing. So they decided the succession with a coin toss. Edgar won, and as king, formed a false alliance with the Empire while keeping contact with the Returners through Locke. He is a major womanizer, as well as a brilliant engineer. Most notably, he designed a system that enables Figaro Castle to submerge into the sand and even travel underground.

Special ability: Tools

Edgar can use a variety of mechanical weapons of his own invention in battle. For some reason, you have to buy most of them, and find two in treasure boxes.

  • Edgar using the Auto Crossbow.Auto Crossbow- Damages all enemies.
  • Edgar using the Noise Blaster.Noise Blaster- Confuses all enemies.
  • Edgar using the Bio Blaster.Bio Blaster- Damages and poisons all enemies.
  • Edgar using the Flash.Flash- Damages all enemies. It's also supposed to blind them, but due to a bug in the game, blinding attacks have no effect. Hence, the Flash is worthless, since it has the same effect as the Auto Crossbow, but does less damage.
  • Edgar using the Drill.Drill- Damages one enemy. Ignores defense.
  • Edgar using the Chainsaw.Chainsaw- Either damages or instantly kills one enemy.
  • Edgar using the Debilitator. />Debilitator- Gives one enemy a random elemental weakness. Doesn't work if the enemy is already weak to all eight elements.</li>
      <li><img src=Air Anchor- Causes one enemy to die when it attacks. Has a really weird name. :)
  • My Two Cents

    Edgar is a pretty good character. Most of his tools are great, especially the Chainsaw, which is in fact one of the most powerful physical attacks in the game. In addition, he's actually a pretty good magic-user after you start using Espers, particularly in one of my own save files (on the PSX version), wherein he has a huge number of spells, including Ultima. Really, his strength is in his versatility.

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    Sabin's status portrait.Prince Sabin Rene Figaro

    Sabin's sprite.
    Age: 27
    Class: Monk
    Weapons: Claws
    Japanese name: Matthew

    "Edgar's twin brother, who traded the throne for his own freedom..."

    Sabin is Edgar's long-lost twin brother. After the deaths of his parents, he wanted to leave Figaro forever. However, Edgar was also disillusioned by his homeland, and he knew that there would be dire ramifications if both princes left. So they decided to have a coin toss to determine the succession. The winner would be free to leave. Unknown to Sabin, Edgar rigged the coin toss so that Sabin would win. After leaving, Sabin began studying martial arts under a man named Duncan. Duncan's son Vargas resented Sabin due to a misunderstanding, wherein he believed that Duncan had named Sabin his successor, rather than Vargas. In revenge, he murdered Duncan, then waited for Sabin to come after him so that they could battle to see who the greatest truly was. However, Terra, Locke, and Edgar encountered him on top of Mt. Kolts, where he was waiting for Sabin. Believing that they were sent by Sabin, he attacked them. During the battle, Sabin showed up and used his Pummel technique to finish Vargas off. He then joined Edgar for the journey to the Returners' hideout, believing that Duncan would be able to rest better if one of his students helped to save the world.

    Special ability: Blitz

    Sabin's special ability enables him to use various martial arts techniques. Much like in a fighting game, you have to enter certain button sequences in order to use Blitz techniques.


    In order to use Blitzes, choose the Blitz command. When the little finger icon points to Sabin, enter the sequence. There is no time limit to enter it. After entering the sequence, press A. Hopefully, this will cut down on the number of "how to blitz" topics on the GameFAQs FFVI boards, if only slightly.

    Pummel: left, right, left (starts with)
    Damages one enemy. When used on Vargas, triggers an event that ends the battle.
    Aura Bolt: down, down-left, left (learned at level 6)
    Holy-elemental damage to one enemy.
    Suplex: X, Y, down, up (learned at level 12)
    Damages one enemy. Misses if enemy is flying, attached to the ground, wall, or ceiling, or attached to another monster.
    Fire Dance: left, down-left, down, down-right, right (learned at level 15)
    Fire-elemental damage to all enemies.
    Mantra: R, L, R, L, X, Y (learned at level 24)
    Heals all party members except Sabin.
    Air Blade: up, up-right, right, down-right, down, down-left, left (learned at level 34)
    Wind-elemental damage to all enemies.
    Spiraler: R, L, X, Y, right, left (learned at level 44)
    Heals all party members. Sabin is removed from the battle and his HP and MP are reduced to 0.
    Bum Rush: left, up-left, up, up-right, right, down-right, down, down-left, left (visit Duncan in the World of Ruin, or learned at level 70)
    Heavy non-elemental damage to one enemy.

    My Two Cents

    Sabin is considered to be overrated by some, but I think he's a pretty good character. His Blitzes are strong, and the elemental ones (Aura Bolt, Fire Dance, and Air Blade) are easy to use. Since most of the Blitzes are considered to be magic attacks, Sabin is also good with Esper magic. And, of course, Sabin has good attack power. But then, physical attacks aren't really that useful in this game. But then again, any attack is good as long as it kills the monster, right? So, Sabin is actually a good character, it's just that a few people probably consider him to be better than he actually is.

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    Banon's status portrait.Banon

    Banon's sprite.
    Age: 54
    Class: Priest
    Weapons: Rods
    Japanese name: Banon

    Banon is only a temporary party member, but is a pretty important part of the story. Banon is the leader of the Returners. He believes that Terra's ability to talk to Espers will be the key to winning the war against the Empire. During one bit of the game, you have to escort him to Narshe, and if he's killed, GAME OVER. But he can make up for this annoying shortcoming with his special ability (see below). Later, you have to protect him from Kefka's troops during the battle of Narshe. After the battle, he stays in Narshe, and works out a plan, together with Arvis and the elder of Narshe, to attack Vector. Later, he and Arvis appear in Vector during the peace negotiations. He does not appear at all in the World of Ruin, and it is believed that he was killed, either by the Empire or by the destruction of the world.

    Special ability: Health

    I told you that Banon's special ability was good, and I wasn't lying. Basically, he casts a palette-shifted Cure 2 on the entire party, but for FREE. That's right, he can do this as many times as he wants! So, you don't really have to worry too much about protecting him during the battles where he's on your side.

    My Two Cents

    Well, he's certainly no physical fighter. But then, as I've stated before, Health kicks arse. Plus, in sprite form, he looks a lot like my Uncle Fred. So, I've got to give him props for that. His only real flaw is that he leaves your party forever when you complete his scenario after the party is split up on the Lete River.

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    Celes' status portrait.Celes Chere (former title: General)

    Celes' sprite.
    Age: 18
    Class: Rune Knight
    Weapons: Knives, swords, whips
    Japanese name: Celes
    "Product of genetic engineering, a battle-hardened warrior, with a spirit as pure as snow..."

    Celes was once one of the Empire's three generals, but left after realizing the Empire's corruption. For this, she was imprisoned under South Figaro, but was rescued by Locke. Although she is distrusted by other party members- especially Cyan- at first, due to some of the atrocities that she commited while with the Empire, she soon proves to be a loyal ally. However, this is put into doubt when the party raids the Empire's Magitek Research Facility, where Kefka attempts to turn the group against Celes by implying that she was actually a double agent. But this is later revealed to be false, much to Locke's relief. Still later, on the Floating Continent, she is offered a place by Gestahl's side if she betrays her friends. But, she refuses, attacking Kefka instead. This is what pushes Kefka over the edge, causing him to kill Gestahl and unalign the Goddesses, creating the World of Ruin. In the WoR, Celes could be said to take Terra's place as the main character, since she's the first character you control and the one who reunites the party. She and Terra are the only characters who learn magic naturally. However, whereas Terra specializes in fire and direct attack spells, Celes prefers ice and spells that either alter an enemy's status or augment an ally's ability.

    Special ability: Runic

    Although Celes is otherwise a great character, her special ability is a bit useless. Basically, it gives her a special status effect. If anyone- enemy or ally- uses certain spells while under this effect, it will be nullified and Celes will gain MP equal to the casting cost of the spell. This effect lasts one turn. It's pretty useless, since it absorbs your own spells as well as the enemy's, and because it takes a turn which could be spent attacking or healing. Even in its tutorial battle, Tunnel Armor, you don't need it, because there's a free freakin' Thunder Rod right before Tunnel Armor, and Tunnel Armor, being a machine, is weak to Thunder. It's really kind of funny, really. Celes gives her big speech about Runic, then on the next turn, Locke just uses the Thunder Rod,, and BAM! Tunnel Armor is scrap metal. But, I digress. I suppose Runic can be useful in some cases, but I can't think of any off the top of my head. Oh, yeah, and if you try to run away while she's using Runic, it makes her look funny. Try it sometime.

    My Two Cents

    Other than the abovementioned problems with Runic, Celes is a good character. She's the second character you'll recruit who can use magic naturally, and unless you level Terra up a LOT, is the first to be able to use Effect magic (Imp.) She's also a good physical fighter, being a former Imperial general and all. So, she's another good character, especially when you consider the fact that Runic isn't really meant to be used in every battle like Blitz or Tools or Sword Tech, but as a support skill in certain battles.

    Note: Spells marked with asterisks can be split, dividing their effects among all targets.
    1. *Ice- Starts with. Does mild ice-elemental damage to one enemy.
    2. *Cure- Starts with. Heals a few HP to one ally or does mild damage to one undead target.
    3. Antdot- Learns at level 8. Removes poison from one ally.
    4. Imp- Learns at level 13. Turns one enemy or ally into a kappa, or Japanese water sprite, severely weakening them. If the target has already been turned into a kappa, this spell will return it to its original form.
    5. Scan- Learns at level 18. Reveals one enemy's current and maximum HP, current and maximum MP, and elemental weaknesses. Doesn't work on certain enemies.
    6. Safe- Learns at level 22. Increases one ally's physical defense.
    7. *Ice 2- Learns at level 26. Does moderate ice-elemental damage to one enemy.
    8. Haste- Learns at level 32. Increases one ally's speed.
    9. Muddle- Learns at level 32. Confuses one enemy.
    10. Bserk- Learns at level 40. Causes one ally or enemy to attack uncontrollably, using only physical attacks.
    11. *Ice 3- Learns at level 42. Does heavy ice-elemental damage to one enemy.
    12. Vanish- Learns at level 48. Makes one ally or enemy invisible, making them immune to physical attacks, but highly suspectible to magic. One-half of the infamous "Vanish-Doom glitch."
    13. Haste 2- Learns at level 52. Increases all allies' speed.
    14. Pearl- Learns at level 72. Does heavy holy-elemental damage to one enemy.
    15. Flare- Learns at level 81. Does heavy non-elemental damage to one enemy.
    16. Meteor- Learns at level 98. Does heavy non-elemental damage to all enemies.
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    Shadow's status portrait.Shadow

    Shadow's sprite.
    Note: I gave Shadow's portrait a red background so that it would show up against the black background of the rest of the page.
    Age: Unknown
    Class: Assassin
    Weapons: Knives, ninja swords
    Japanese name: Shadow
    "He owes allegiance to no one, and will do anything for money. He comes and goes like the wind..."

    Shadow is a mysterious shrouded assassin who roams the world with his dog, Interceptor, selling his skills to the highest bidder. Although you first meet him in South Figaro, he doesn't offer to join until after the party are split up after fighting Ultros on the Lete River, when he meets Sabin at the House on the Veldt. Later, you can meet him at Kohlingen after the battle of Narshe and hire him for 3000 GP. Still later, the Empire hires him to accompany you to Crescent Isle to search for Espers. Still later, you find him badly injured on the Floating Continent, and he joins you up to the battle with Atma Weapon. During the apocalypse, your actions can determine Shadow's fate. If he survived, you can find him in a cave on the Veldt, being attacked by a Senior Behemoth. After you rescue him, he runs off to the Colosseum to search for a knife called the Striker. If you go to the Colosseum and bet it, Shadow will finally join you permanently.

    Special ability: Throw

    Shadow is able to throw almost any weapon in the game, as well as various type of shuriken and ninja scrolls. The items especially designed for throwing are:

    In addition, Shadow also has a special permanent status effect that causes Interceptor to decrease damage from an attack, then counter it for heavy damage. There are two effects, Takedown and Wild Fang. Wild Fang is the stronger of the two.

    My Two Cents

    He's OK, but not really worth hiring in Kohlingen. This is because to hire him, not only do you have to give him 3000 GP, but you also have to take a party of three to the western province. In addition, early on in the game, Shadow has the obnoxious habit of leaving your party after battle and taking a share of your hard-earned GP. But there are a few times and places when he won't leave. These are:

    But in Sabin's scenario, Crescent Island, the Floating Continent, and the World of Ruin, he's definitely a good character to use, since you don't have to pay him to join you, and in fact you're forced to use him on Crescent Island and the Floating Continent. Plus, he's a ninja, and ninja get automatic cool points.

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    Cyan's status portrait.Cyan Garamonde

    Cyan's sprite.
    Age: 50
    Class: Samurai
    Weapons: katana
    Japanese name: Cayenne
    "Faithful retainer to his family's liege, with the courage and strength of a hundred men..."

    Cyan is a warrior of the kingdom of Doma. In the Japanese version, he speaks in a very formal and somewhat antiquated manner. However, this couldn't really be conveyed in English, so in all official English translations, they have him speaking Shakespearean English. This confused many people (read: me) into thinking that he was a Western-style knight, despite the obvious Asian influences in both his theme music and the names of his weapons. In the game, he valiantly fights against the Empire's forces in Doma. However, when Kefka takes over the Doma campaign, he poisons Doma's water supply, killing almost everyone, including the King and Cyan's wife and son. Blinded by rage, Cyan attacks the Empire's base, where he meets up with Sabin and Shadow. The three of them manage to break out of the base using MagiTek Armor, later finding themselves in the Phantom Forest. In the forest, Sabin, Shadow, and Cyan get trapped aboard the mysterious Phantom Train, which transports the departed to the land of the dead. After the group escapes, Cyan is forced to watch as his family boards the train. In the World of Ruin, Cyan hears about a young woman in the town of Maranda whose boyfriend was killed. He decided to comfort her by writing letters, pretending to be the woman's lover. However, when the others find him atop Mt. Zozo, he decides to come clean, sending a final letter telling the truth. Still later, while sleeping in the ruins of Doma Castle, Cyan's soul is invaded by the demon Wrexsoul, composed of the restless dead of meaningless wars. His friends enter Cyan's soul and defeat Wrexsoul, enabling Cyan to look forward instead of back and unleashing his full potential, unlocking all of his Sword Techs.

    As a side note, why would a samurai have a French-sounding surname like Garamonde?

    Special command: Sword Tech

    This is a pretty interesting command. It enables Cyan to use a number of powerful sword techniques, but in order to use the stronger ones, you have to wait for a little gauge to fill up to a certain point. The Sword Techs are:

    1. Dispatch- Starts with. Damages one enemy at random.
    2. Retort- Starts with. Does nothing initially, but enables Cyan to deliver a powerful counterattack if attacked physically.
    3. Slash- Learned at level 10. Halves one enemy's HP at random. Never does fatal damage.
    4. Quadra Slam- Learned at level 15. Four consecutive physical attacks against random targets.
    5. Empowerer- Learned at level 23. Damages one enemy at random, lowers its MP, and restores Cyan's HP and MP by amounts equal to the damage dealt.
    6. Stunner- Learned at level 30. Damages and immobilizes all enemies.
    7. Quadra Slice- Learned at level 42. Same effect as Quadra Slam, but ignores defense.
    8. Cleave- Learned at level 70. Instantly kills all enemies.

    My Two Cents

    Many people have slammed Cyan due to the perceived uselessness of Sword Tech. Really, though, that's just one aspect of his character. He's also a strong physical fighter, though maybe not on the level of, say, Celes or Sabin. Maybe it does take a while for the gauge to reach 8, but most people can get by with just the first four. So, he's an average character. Not the best, but nowhere near as bad as everyone says.

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    Gau's status portrait.Gau

    Gau's sprite.Gau
    Age: 13
    Class: Wild Boy
    Weapons: none
    Japanese name: Gau
    "Draped in monster hides, eyes shining with intelligence. A youth surviving against all odds..."

    Thirteen years ago, a woman living in a small hut near the Lete River died giving birth to a child. This child was so strange-looking that, coupled with the shock of his wife's death, it drove the father insane. He threw the child out into the vast wilderness known as the Veldt, a migratory ground for monsters of all kinds, then returned to his home, believing the "demon-child" dead. However, Gau had survived, learning how to communicate with monsters and even how to use certain monster abilities. One day, two strangers- Sabin and Cyan- appeared and offered Gau a piece of meat. In return for the gift, Gau offered to show them his "treasure"- a diving helmet. This enabled the three of them to swim through the Serpent Trench and reach the port of Nikeah. From Nikeah, the party travelled to Narshe to meet with the rest of the Returners. Shortly afterwards, Narshe was attacked by an Imperial battallion commanded by Kefka. After helping to defend Narshe, Gau decides to stick with the Returners.

    Special ability: Rage

    Gau actually does not have a Fight command, so Rage is actually his main ability. Basically, what it does, is it enables him to use the attacks of various monsters. But when Gau is using a Rage, he will attack randomly, hence making Rage somewhat of a gamble. To get new Rages, you must fight enemies on the Veldt and have Gau use Leap, which only appears on the Veldt. This will remove Gau from your party and immediately end the battle. Then, Gau will randomly show up later with all the Rages of the monsters you were fighting in both the battle where he Leapt and the battle where he returned. Gau cannot use Leap if he is the only living character in the party or is traveling solo.

    My Two Cents

    Gau is a fun character to use, but a bit risky. Some of his rages do elemental damage, which may be nullified or even absorbed by certain monsters, and some might use the self-destructive Exploder and Pep Up abilities. But there are a lot of very useful Rages, notably Magic Pot (full elemental absorption), Retainer (Leo's Shock ability), Nightshade (forces enemies to attack each other), and more.

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    Setzer's status portrait.Setzer Gabbiani

    Setzer's sprite.
    Age: 27
    Class: Gambler
    Weapons: gambler's weapons
    Japanese name: Setzer
    "A blackjack-playing, world-traveling, casino-dwelling free spirit..."

    Setzer is a wealthy playboy who travels the world in his casino/zeppelin, the Blackjack. He loves the opera diva Maria and even makes plans to abduct her during a performance. However, he winds up abducting Celes instead. After losing a coin toss, Setzer decides to assist the party, taking them to the Imperial capital of Vector. After the raid on the Magitek Research Facility, he sticks with the group, giving them access to his airship, and hence access to the entire world map. However, much like Locke, Setzer's carefree facade hides a tragic past. When he was younger, he and his friend Darill both built airships. During a race, Darill decided to see how high she could fly, telling Setzer to wait for her on a certain hill. But she never returned. A year later, the wreckage of Darill's airship, the Falcon, was found in a faraway land. Grief-stricken, Setzer restored the airship and stored it away in an underground tomb. In the World of Ruin, he loses his spirit, but after talking with Celes, he decides to continue fighting for the world. The group heads to the tomb and unearths the Falcon, gaining the freedom of the skies once again.

    Special ability: Slot/GP Rain

    Setzer is a gambler, and his abilities show it. His main ability is Slot, which has different effects based on what comes up, as follows:

    Combo Move Effect
    3 diamonds 7-Flush Spears of prismatic light deal non-elemental damage to all enemies.
    3 chocobos Chocobop Summons a flock of chocobos to run over all ground-bound enemies for non-elemental damage that ignores defen
    3 airships H-Bomb Summons an airship, which drops bombs that deal non-elemental damage to all enemies. Stronger than 7-Flush
    3 bars Magicite Summons a random Esper, but never Odin or Raiden.
    3 dragons Sun Flare Identical to Bahamut's summon effect.
    3 7s Joker Doom Instantly kills all enemies, even bosses.
    2 7s, bar Joker Doom Wipes out your whole party. Game over, man!
    Any other combo Lagomorph Restores a negligible amount of HP to all allies. "Mugu mugu!?"
    What's more, the machine is rigged, so you'll only get the Sun Flare and Joker Doom effects rarely. But there is a way to beat the system! It's extremely complicated, so please check out this site, which explains it far better than I ever could.
    Final Fantasy 3 U.S. Slot ability guide
    If Setzer is equipped with a Coin Toss relic, his Slot command is replaced with GP Rain. This is a powerful non-elemental attack, but every time you use it, you lose money. So, I'd go with Slot, so that you aren't literally throwing your hard-earned money away.

    My Two Cents

    Well, Setzer is my favorite character, so I'm inclined to be a bit biased towards him. He's really kind of weak physically, but he's a surprisingly skilled magic-user, and his Slot ability is interesting, if not always useful. He's also useful in a plot-oriented sense, since he's directly responsible for hooking the party up with an airship in both the World of Balance and the World of Ruin. Plus, I've got to give him points for using playing cards as weapons. He's just like Gambit, if Gambit were an albino gambler playboy.

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    Mog's status portrait.Mog

    Mog's sprite.
    Age: Unknown
    Class: Moogle
    Weapons: daggers, spears
    Japanese name: Mog
    "Human-loving, fast-talking, street-smart, SLAM-dancing...Moogle..."

    Mog is the leader of the colony of Moogles living in Narshe. He first appears when he assists Locke in protecting Terra from the Narshe militia. Later, he's captured by an escaped thief named Lone Wolf, who warns the party to back off. However, Mog struggles against his captor, leaving them both dangling from a cliff. You can only save one. If you save Lone Wolf, you'll get a Gold Hairpin, an accessory that halves the MP cost of all spells. However, if you save Mog, he'll join your party. I would recommend the latter, since it's possible to get a Gold Hairpin later in the game.

    Special ability: Dance

    Mog can use eight different ability sets based on terrains he's fought on before. When used, Mog has a chance of stumbling and wasting his turn, unless he uses that region's native dance. If he succeeds with a non-native dance, the background is changed to said dance's native terrain. Once Mog succeeds in a dance, he will continue dancing until either the battle ends, he is killed, or the terrain chances. While dancing, he will pick one of its four effects at random. The dances and their effects are as follows:

    Name Native terrains Attacks Effects
    Wind Song
    • Any normal overworld plains
    • The Veldt
    • The deck of either airship
    • Falling through the clouds (battle with Air Force)
    Wind Slash Wind-elemental damage to all enemies.
    Sun Bath Heals all allies.
    Plasma Lightning-elemental damage to one enemy.
    Cockatrice Turns one enemy to stone.
    Forest Suite
    • Any overworld forest, or the Phantom Forest
    • The exterior of the Phantom Train
    Rage Non-elemental damage to all enemies.
    Harvester Removes negative status effects from all allies.
    Elf Fire Fire-elemental damage to one enemy.
    Wombat Non-elemental damage to one ground-bound enemy.
    Desert Aria
    • Any overworld desert
    Sand Storm Wind-elemental damage to all enemies.
    Antlion Instantly kills one enemy.
    Wind Slash Wind-elemental damage to all enemies.
    Kitty Increases speed of all allies.
    Love Sonata
    • Town streets
    • Inside buildings
    • The Imperial Palace
    • The rafters and stage of the Opera House
    • External stairways of the Fanatics' Tower
    • The Ancient Castle
    • The "Escher" section of Cyan's dream
    • Inside the Phantom Train
    • Metal-walled areas in Kefka's Domain
    Elf Fire Fire-elemental damage to one enemy.
    Specter Confuses one enemy.
    Snare Instantly kills one enemy.
    Tapir Removes negative status effects from all allies.
    Earth Blues
    • Ledges on Mt. Kolts, the Espers' Gathering Place, and Mt. Zozo
    • The Floating Continent
    • Rocky areas in Kefka's Domain
    Land Slide Non-elemental damage to one enemy
    Sonic Boom Lowers one enemy's remaining HP by 62.5%. Never does fatal damage.
    Snare Instantly kills one enemy.
    Whump Non-elemental damage to one ground-bound enemy.
    Water Rondo
    • The Serpent Trench
    • The Lete River
    El Nino Water-elemental damage to all enemies
    Plasma Lightning-elemental damage to one enemy.
    Specter Confuses one enemy.
    Wild Bear Restores HP to all allies and removes negative status effects.
    Dusk Requiem
    • Any normal cave
    • The interiors of Mt. Kolts, the Espers' Gathering Place, or Mt. Zozo
    • The bridge where you fight Kefka in the Cave to the Sealed Gate
    • The mines of Narshe
    • Caves in Kefka's Domain
    • Kefka's "monument to nonexistence"
    Cave In Lowers one enemy's remaining HP by 75%. Never does fatal damage.
    Snare Instantly kills one enemy.
    Elf Fire Fire-elemental damage to one enemy.
    Poison Frog Does Poison-elemental damage to one enemy and may poison it.
    Snowman Jazz
    • The snowfields of Narshe.
    Snowball Lowers one enemy's remaining HP by 50%. Never does fatal damage.
    Surge Ice-elemental damage to all enemies.
    Snare Instantly kills one enemy.
    Ice Rabbit Restores HP to all allies.

    My Two Cents

    Mog is a fun character to use, but due to his sheer randomness, it's hard to use him effectively, particularly due to his many instant-death and percentage-based attacks. So, use him if you want, but I wouldn't recommend using him in a tough boss fight.

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    Strago's status portrait.Strago Magus

    Strago's sprite.
    Age: 70
    Class: Blue Mage
    Weapons: rods, whips
    Japanese name: Stragos
    "An elderly gentleman, pure of heart, and learned in the ways of monsters...

    Strago is an old man living in the village of Thamasa. Although he feigns ignorance of Espers and magic at first, he is forced to reveal the village's secret when his granddaughter Relm is trapped in a burning house. He then offers to go with Terra and Locke to the Espers' Gathering Place in hopes of making peace with the Espers.

    Special ability: Lore

    Like Gau, Strago is capable of learning enemy attacks. However, he can only learn certain attacks, but is capable of using them at will and without going berserk. To learn new attacks, he must observe them being used in battle. That is, he must be in the party, conscious, in a sound state of mind, and capable of seeing the attack. The attacks he can learn are:

    Learn from Harpy, Storm Dragon, Harpiai, Doom Gaze, Dark Force, and Poltergeist.
    Wind-elemental damage to all enemies.
    Aqua Rake
    Starts with.
    Wind/Water-elemental damage to all enemies.
    Big Guard
    Learn from Mover.
    Increases one ally's physical and magical defense.
    Blow Fish
    Learn from Brainpan, Presenter, Cactrot, Phunbaba, Phase, Katana Soul, and Mover.
    Does exactly 1000 damage to one enemy, regardless of defense.
    Clean Sweep
    Learn from Enuo, Master Pug, Blue Dragon, and Atma.
    Water-elemental damage to all enemies.
    Learn from Nerapa, Allo Ver, Still Life, Veteran, Critic, and Skull Dragon.
    Gives one enemy a countdown to death.
    Learn from Telstar, Chaser, Crawler, Figaliz, and Iron Hitman.
    Halves level of one enemy.
    Learn from Balloon, Grenade, Bomb, Pipsqueak, and Junk.
    Instantly kills Strago, damaging one enemy by an amount equal to Strago's remaining HP.
    Force Field
    Learn from Doom.
    Grants immunity to one random element.
    Grand Train
    Learn from Hidon.
    Heavy non-elemental damage to all enemies.
    L? Pearl
    Learn from Critic and Innoc.
    Holy-elemental damage to all enemies whose level is a multiple of the last digit in your current GP value.
    L3 Muddle
    Learn from Trapper, Apokryphos, Dante, and Goblin.
    Confuses all enemies whose level is a multiple of 3.
    L4 Flare
    Learn from Trapper, Apokryphos, Red Dragon, Goblin, and Dueller.
    Non-elemental damage to all enemies whose level is a multiple of 4.
    L5 Doom
    Learn from Trapper, Apokryphos, Goblin, Doom Gaze, Didalos, and Sky Base.
    Instantly kills all enemies whose level is a multiple of 5.
    Pearl Wind
    Learn from Abolisher, Sprinter, Harpiai, and Curley.
    Restores all allies by an amount equal to Strago's remaining HP.
    Pep Up
    Learn from Muus and Junk.
    Heals and removes negative status effects from one ally. Strago is removed from the battle and loses all HP and MP.
    Learn from Goddess.
    Heavy non-elemental damage to all enemies. Ignores defense.
    Learn from Didalos.
    Blinds and mutes all enemies with Reflect status, and decreases their speed.
    Starts with.
    Does damage equal to the difference between Strago's current and maximum HP.
    Learn from Reach Frog and Blue Dragon.
    The caster and target exchange all status effects, negative and positive alike.
    Learn from Nerapa, Allo Ver, Still Life, Veteran, and Critic.
    Kills one enemy or ally at random.
    Sour Mouth
    Learn from Mad Oscar and Evil Oscar.
    Inflicts numerous negative status effects on one enemy.
    Step Mine
    Learn from Pug, Master Pug, and Dark Force.
    Does damage based on the number of steps the party has taken.
    Starts with.
    Damages and confuses one enemy. Does extra damage if Strago's level is equal to the enemy's.

    BTW, in the final dungeon, there is a monster called Dark Force, which uses nearly EVERY Lore except for Big Guard, Grand Train, Force Field, and Pep Up. This might come in handy.

    My Two Cents

    One would expect a descendant of the legendary Mage Warriors to be good with magic, and one would be right to expect this. Strago is obviously a good magic-user, but Lore is where he really shines. In particular, Pearl Wind is a good healing spell most of the time, Grand Train is extremely powerful, and Aero, Aqua Rake, and Clean Sweep offer some pretty rare sources of elemental damage. All the same, I don't really use him that much, but he can be useful in the right situation.

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    Relm's status portrait.Relm Arrowny

    Relm's sprite.
    Age: 10
    Class: Pictomancer
    Weapons: knives, rods, whips, paintbrushes
    Japanese name: Relm
    "In her pictures, she captures everything...forests, water, light...the very essence of life...

    Relm is Strago's adopted granddaughter. Oddly enough, although Shadow's dog Interceptor hates strangers, he seems to have a certain fondness for this young girl. When Terra, Locke, and Strago head to the Espers' Gathering Place, Relm shadows them partway up. Later, the adults are attacked by Ultros, but Relm uses her Sketch ability to scare the maniacal mollusk off, then forces her way into the party. In the World of Ruin, she has been commissioned by an aristocrat named Owzer to paint a picture of the Esper Starlet, but the painting is possessed by the demon Chadarnook. The party find her in the basement of Owzer's mansion, where they fight Chadarnook. After Chadar­nook

    is destroyed, Relm rejoins the party, but promises to return and paint for Owzer again.

    Special ability: Sketch/Control

    Sketch is perhaps the most useless ability in the game. Basically, Relm draws a picture of a chosen monster. The picture then comes to life and does a severely weakened version of one of the monster's attacks. While this is a good way to learn new Lores for Strago, it also has the potential to glitch the game, especially if you sketch Gau while he's returning from a Leap or an Intangir. If Relm is equipped with a Fake Mustache, Sketch is replaced by the somewhat less useless Control, which enables you to pick which of the monster's attacks you want to use.

    My Two Cents

    Well, I'm not too fond of "precocious little girl" characters in RPGs to begin with, so I naturally have a strong bias against Relm. The sheer worthlessness of Sketch doesn't help matters much, but then, Sketch is just an auxilary command, like Runic. In Relm's defense, she does have the highest starting magic power in the game, but really, it's possible for almost anyone to become a strong magic-user with this game's magic system. So, Relm is pretty much this game's Really Useless Character™, except for the battle with Ultros where you first use her.

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    Umaro's status portrait.Umaro

    Umaro's sprite.
    Age: 4
    Class: Yeti
    Weapons: Bone Club
    Japanese name: Umaro
    "Admirer of bone-carvings, as strong as a gigas, a sasquatch pal with power!"

    Umaro is the yeti who lives in the mines of Narshe. Despite his size, he takes orders from Mog. When you first meet him, he attacks you. After the battle, if you have Mog in your party, he will order Umaro to join you.

    Special abilities: Rage/Storm

    Umaro can't be controlled and will normally just attack physically. However, there are two special accessories that, when equipped on Umaro, give him new attacks. The Rage Ring enables him to throw party members at enemies, and the Blizzard Orb enables him to use a powerful Ice-elemental attack on all enemies.

    My Two Cents

    Who wants a party member who can't be controlled? This guy is even more useless than Relm! The only reason to get him is to get the full ending after defeating Kefka.

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    Gogo's status portrait.Gogo

    Gogo's sprite.
    Age: Unknown
    Class: Mimic
    Weapons: knives, rods, whips
    Japanese name: Gogo
    "Shrouded in odd clothing, this a man...? ...a woman...? ...or should we ask...?"

    Gogo is the self-proclaimed "master of the simulacrum." When you meet him in the belly of a Zone Eater, he simply joins you for no apparent reason.

    Special ability: Mimic

    First of all, like Gau, Gogo lacks the Fight command. In fact, the only command he normally has is "Mimic." When he uses this command, he repeats the action used by the previous character, with some exceptions. In addition, if you go to his status screen and press "right," you can give him up to three other commands from your party members, except for Morph and Leap. In addition, if you let Shadow die on the Floating Continent, Throw won't be available, and Capture, GP Rain, and Control will only be available if the appropriate Relics are equipped. All in all, though, Gogo is easily the most versatile character in the game.

    My Two Cents

    Gogo may not seem like much at first, but his potential is limitless. He's definitely the better of the two secret characters. The only problem is the sheer annoyingness of the dungeon you have to go through to get him.

    The Empire

    Gestahl's sprite.Emperor Gestahl

    Age: 74
    Japanese name: Ghastra

    Little is known about Emperor Gestahl. He personally led the attack on the Esper world 16 years ago, and is a powerful magic-user, specializing in fire-based spells. It's believed that he owned the Phoenix Magicite, since the directions to find it are found by examining his portrait. Despite his cruelty as a ruler, he does not want to see the world destroyed, and so attempts to stop Kefka from unaligning the statues. Unfortunately, Kekfa manages to kill Gestahl and move the statues, ushering in the World of Ruin.

    Kefka's battle sprite.General Kefka Palazzo

    Kefka's sprite.
    Age: Unknown
    Weapon: morning star
    Japanese name: Cefca

    Kefka is one of the Empire's three top generals. He was also Cid's first experimental Magitek Knight, but the procedure was imperfect and caused Kefka to go insane. He is ruthless and evil, but with a certain warped sense of humor. Sometime between the events at the Sealed Gate and the peace talks in Vector, Kefka was imprisoned for using poison at Doma. Unfortunately, this was merely a ruse to get the Returners to go along with the Empire's plan to get all the Espers in one place. Kefka, in fact, was sent to Thamasa to claim the Espers' Magicite remains. Despite General Leo's attempt to stop him, he succeeded in gathering large amounts of Magicite, then went to the Sealed Gate to raise the Floating Continent. On the Continent, he unaligned the Goddess Statues, breaking their delicate balance and reshaping the face of the world. He then absorbed the Goddesses' power and used it to construct a tower located roughly where Vector was in the world of balance, ruling the world with the "Light of Judgment," a powerful energy beam capable of demolishing an entire city. Eventually, the Returners manage to infiltrate Kefka's tower and confront him. Despite Kefka's god-like power, he was defeated. However, since he had the power of the Goddesses in him, and magic came from the Goddesses, magic ceased to exist with Kefka's demise.

    Leo's status portrait.General Leo Christophe

    Leo's sprite.
    Age: 30
    Class: General
    Weapon: sword
    Japanese name: Leo

    Leo is the third Imperial general, and the only one to refuse a Magitek infusion. Despite this, he is easily the strongest of the three, and the most honorable, as well. He was strongly against Kefka's plan to poison Doma, but when he was called back to Vector, Kefka implemented the plan, costing the lives of almost everyone in Doma, as well as several Imperial soldiers imprisoned within the castle. Leo isn't seen again until the peace conference, when Gestahl orders him to accompany Terra and Locke to Crescent Island. Later, during Kefka's betrayal at Thamasa, Leo attacks Kefka. Despite Leo's great strength, he is no match for Kefka's magic and perishes.

    Special ability: Shock

    Shock is a powerful non-elemental attack that hits all enemies. Unfortunately, you only get to use it during the battle between Leo and Kefka in Thamasa. However, it's also possible for Gau to use this powerful ability. All you have to do is get the rage for a monster called Retainer, found in Kefka's tower, then have Gau use it. One of the Rage's abilities is Shock!

    Cid's sprite.Professor Cid del Norte Marguez

    Age: 46
    Japanese name: Cid

    Cid is the head of Magitek research for the Empire. During the party's raid on the MRF, he realizes that Esper magic can only be transferred when Espers die and turn into Magicite. He is the one who infused Celes and Kefka with magic, and was particularly close to Celes, raising her like his own daughter. Realizing the horrors his research brought to the world, he went to Gestahl to convince him to end the war. Although he was seemingly receptive to this idea, it was just a ruse, that would lead to the destruction of the world. After the collapse, he and Celes recovered on a desert island. While here, you can either save Cid's life or let him die. It doesn't change the plot, but the scene if you let him die is much more significant than the one if you save him, IMHO.

    Other Characters

    Arvis' sprite.Arvis

    Age: Unknown, but he's referred to as "old man" by the game.
    Japanese name: Jun

    Arvis is a member of the Returners living in Narshe. He tries to convince the elder of Narshe to support the Returners, but to no avail...until the Empire stages a full-scale attack on Narshe. Arvis and Banon then make a plan to combine Narshe's resources with Figaro's technology to storm the Empire, backed up by Espers released from the Sealed Gate. Although the plan doesn't go well, Gestahl seemingly becomes willing to make peace. However, it was all a trap, and Arvis was presumably executed after Gestahl showed his true colors.

    Ultros' battle sprite.Ultros

    Ultros' sprite.
    Age: Unknown
    Weapon: tentacles
    Japanese name: Orthros

    Ultros is a giant purple octopus who can survive on land and in fresh water for some reason. He first appears on the Lete River, where he attacks the party for no apparent reason, and is the reason that the group is split up. Later, he appears at the Opera House to sabotage the opera by dropping a giant weight on Celes (who is disguised as Maria at the time.) Still later, he appears at the Espers' Gathering Place, where he intends to steal the golden statues of the Goddesses, but is taken down a peg when Relm's Sketch ability causes him to realize that he's nothing but an octopus. But that doesn't stop him from attacking the party while they're en route to the Floating Continent, accompanied by his friend Chupon. In the World of Ruin, he appears at the Colosseum, working as a receptionist. Ultros doesn't really get much development, being a comic-relief villain, but I personally think that he shines as, well, comic relief.

    Chupon's battle sprite.Chupon

    Chupon's sprite.
    Age: Unknown
    Weapon: sneezing
    Japanese name: Typhon

    Chupon is Ultros' sidekick, a grotesque two-faced flying monster. He uses various fire magic, as well as powerful sneezes- powerful enough to blow your party members away! He first appears when Ultros attacks the party on the airship, and then at the Colosseum, where you face him if you bet a cheap item, like a Tonic or Potion. He later appears, under the name "Typhoon," as a powerful summon in Final Fantasy VII.

    Siegfried's battle sprite.Siegfried

    Siegfried's sprite.
    Age: Unknown
    Weapon: sword, gun
    Japanese name: Siegfried

    Siegfried is a mysterious swordsman/thief who appears in various places, the first being in one of the compartments on the Phantom Train. Later, he claims that someone disguised as him has been stealing treasure, suggesting that the one on the train was a fake. He appears in the Colosseum as a possible opponent, and although Gau has a Siegfried Rage, which can be obtained by hacking the game, Siegfried never appears on the Veldt. BTW, his name is variously spelled as Siegfried, Sigfried, and Ziegfried. All are pronounced the same way, though. Also, he seems to have some kind of history with Ultros and possibly Chupon, based on in-game dialogue.

    The ghost's status portrait.?????? (the ghost)

    The ghost's sprite.
    Age: Unknown, but probably pretty darn old.
    Class: Specter
    Weapon: none
    Japanese name: ??????

    Special ability: Possess

    This command immediately destroys one enemy, but also removes the ghost from your party permanently.

    One of the departed souls on the Phantom Train. It offers to join Sabin's party for an unknown reason. Since the ghost is an undead, it can't be healed in battle, because curative items hurt it. If you attempt to revive it with a Phoenix Down, it will miss. If the ghost dies, it's dead for good, and it leaves forever once you exit the second compartment car on the Phantom Train.

    My Two Cents

    Well, it's always nice to have another party member to divert attacks, and it's kind of cute, in a ghostly way. I always recruit it, since you'll always have at least one free space in Sabin's scenario. You can recruit a second ghost if Shadow leaves you before the Phantom Train, but the second ghost is always weaker than the first one. :(

    The Warring Triad

    Doom. Goddess. Poltergeist.
    From left to right: Doom, Goddess, and Poltergeist.
    Age: Over 1000 years.
    Weapon: magic
    Japanese names: Majin, Megami, and Kishin.

    The three gods whose quarreling led to the War of the Magi, which devastated the world. After the war, they put sealed themselves in stone and went into an eternal sleep, but were reawakened by Kefka, who then drained them of their magic, hence becoming a god. Each of the three represents a moral alignment and each of the three basic elements of magic. Doom represents neutrality and ice, Goddess represents good and lightning, and Poltergeist represents evil and fire. When the party infiltrated Kefka's Tower, they fought each of the Triad individually and defeated them, enabling them to finally rest in peace. BTW, the original English translation mistakenly referred to them as "Goddesses,' despite that fact that only one of them is actually a goddess.

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