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Boss Tips

These are some tips for the bosses of FFVI. Hopefully, they'll be helpful.
NOTE: An exclamation point (!) in front of an attack name indicates that boss's special attack. It will either be a stronger physical attack, cause a status effect, drain HP or MP, or nullify Reflect status. The specific effect will be given in the boss' profile. If a character has a grey background, it means that you won't always have that character when fighting the boss.

World of Balance


Whelk's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Ymir
Location: Narshe Mines
Attacks: (head) !Slimer
(shell) Mega Volt
Effect of special attack: Decreases one target's speed.
Party: TerraWedgeVicks

As you may know, if you attack Whelk's shell, he'll counter with Mega Volt. But, like most monsters, he has a finite amount of MP. So, if you just keep attacking his shell and healing, he'll eventually run out of MP, leaving you to destroy the shell with impunity! Heck, if you're really good, you might even be able to destroy the head and shell at the same time, hence getting two items instead of one!



Vargas' battle sprite.
Japanese name: Vargas
Location: Mt. Kolts
Attacks: Gale Cut, !Doom Fist
Effect of special attack: Gives one target a set amount of time to live.
Party: TerraLockeEdgarSabin

First of all, Vargas has two bear-like Ipooh monsters protecting him. He can only be attacked if you kill both bears first. After taking them out, just wail on him until Sabin shows up. He will then use his "Mortal Attack! Blizzard Fist!" to blow Terra, Locke, and Edgar away, leaving Sabin alone. Vargas will then use Doom Fist on Sabin, giving him a little less than a minute to beat Vargas. Seems hard, huh? Wrong. Just use Pummel, and Vargas will run off in shame.


Ultros (first battle)

Ultros in his first appearance.
Japanese name: Orthros
Location: Lete River
Attacks: Tentacle, !Ink
Effect of special attack: Blinds one target. However, blindness has no effect in this game due to a bug.
Party: TerraEdgarSabinBanon

First of all, if this battle runs too long, Ultros will deliver a powerful multi-targeted Tentacle attack, which will most likely take out Banon unless he's in the back row. So, either put the B-man in the back row or finish this battle quickly. But how to do that? Simple. Have Terra use Fire, Edgar use his Auto Crossbow, Sabin use either Aura Bolt or, in the unlikely event that he has it already, Fire Dance, and Banon use Health. Ultros will counter Fire-elemental attacks with Ink, but, as stated above, Ink is completely useless. So, it's a pretty easy battle, overall.


Tunnel Armor

Tunnel Armor's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Dig Armor
Location: Figaro Cave (during Locke's scenario)
Attacks: !Drill, Tek Laser, Fire, Bolt, Poison
Effect of special attack: Physical attack, does twice the damage of a normal attack.
Party: LockeCeles

First of all, a somewhat amusing note. You see, monster names in this game are limited to 10 characters or less. Hence, Tunnel Armor is actually called "TunnelArmr" in battle. But here's the funny party. During Celes' speech at the start of the battle, she actually calls it "TunnelArmr" instead of "Tunnel Armor."

Well, I mentioned a quick and dirty way to beat Tunnel Armor in Celes' profile, but if you want to beat this overgrown rototiller in a fair fight, then have Celes use Runic every turn. This way, most of Tunnel Armor's attacks will fail, except for Drill. But if you keep restoring HP with items, you're pretty much guaranteed to win.


Ghost Train

Ghost Train's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Demon Train
Location: Phantom Forest
Attacks: !Wheel, Evil Toot, Scar Beam, Acid Rain
Effect of special attack: Physical attack, does twice the damage of a normal attack.
Party: SabinCyanShadow

Like Tunnel Armor, it's possible to win this battle in a cheap way. You see, Phoenix Downs and Revivifies restore life. But what would happen if they were used on an undead like, say, Ghost Train? Answer: Instant death. Actually, I've tried both, and while I remember a Phoenix Down missing once, Revivify always seemed to work. But if you want to win honestly, then have Sabin use Aura Bolt, Cyan use Dispatch or Slash, and Shadow throw Shuriken. Just watch out for Evil Toot! Despite its unbelievably stupid name, it's deadly, causing various status effects to the whole party.



Rizopas' battle sprite.
Japanese name: Rizopas
Location: Baren Falls
Attacks: !Bite, Ice, Mega Volt, El Nino
Effect of special attack: Normal physical attack, does 1.5 times the damage of a normal attack.
Party: SabinCyan

He may be one of the easiest bosses in the game, but don't get too cocky. If you let the battle go too long, you run the risk of Rizopas wiping you out with his El Nino spell. Just use Aura Bolt and low-level Sword Techs, and this boss will be sushi before you know it.


Kefka (first battle)

Kefka's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Cefca
Location: Narshe snowfields
Attacks: Ice, Ice 2, Bolt, Poison, Muddle, Drain
Party: Four out of:

If you look at his ability list, you'll see that all of Kefka's attacks are magical in nature. Hence, this is one of those places where Runic actually comes in handy. If you have Celes use Runic every turn, Kefka's spells will all be absorbed, leaving him with only his comparatively weak physical attacks. When you win, Kefka will run away like the coward he is.



Dadaluma's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Dadaluma
Location: Zozo
Attacks: Potion, Tonic, Dirk, Mithril Knife, !Sweep, Shock Wave
Effect of special attack: Causes Seizure status.
Party: Four out of:

Dadaluma is a bit strange. He seems to attack you for no reason other than that he loves fighting. (He actually says he hates fighting, but since he's a Zozo citizen, he's obviously lying.) Anyway, he's actually pretty easy. In addition to the attacks above, he can also use a jump attack, and he counters attempts to steal from him by stealing from you! When he's low on HP, he'll use healing items on himself, and he can summon two Iron Fists to back him up. Still, he's an easy boss, especially since you've probably recently acquired the Chainsaw, which is in fact the most powerful physical attack in the game. You shouldn't have too much trouble against him, really.


Ultros (second battle)

Ultros' battle sprite.
Japanese name: Orthros
Location: Opera House stage
Attacks: Tentacle, !Ink, Fire, Mega Volt, L.3 Muddle, Acid Rain, Imp Song
Effect of special attack: Blinds one target. Still as useless as ever.
Party: Locke, plus two out of:

He's back! After you foil Ultros' attempt to mess up the opera, only to nearly mess it up yourself, Locke and Ultros improvise roles and stage a fight. It's pretty easy, but note that Ultros will use Acid Rain on you if you use Blitz or Sword Tech on him. BTW, Ramuh's summon works really well on Ultros, seeing as octopi are generally aquatic and thunder works well on aquatic critters. All in all, he's just as wimpy as before, and this battle is notable only because it uses the music track "Grand Finale?", which isn't used anywhere else in the game.


Ifrit & Shiva

Ifrit's battle sprite.Shiva's battle sprite.
Japanese names: Efreet and Shiva
Location: Garbage pit in Magitek Research Facility
Attacks: (Ifrit) Fire, Fire 2, Fire 3, Blaze
(Shiva) Ice, Ice 2, Blizzard, Rflect
Party: LockeCeles, plus two of:

This battle is surprisingly tough, simply because they absorb opposite elements and can switch places with each other. It's very common to be charging up an Ice spell to cast on Ifrit, only for him to suddenly switch with Shiva. To avoid this, I would advise using non-elemental attacks such as Chainsaw, Drill, Dispatch, Quadra Slam, etc., etc. Fortunately, you only have to defeat one of them, which then triggers an event where the other appears, then they talk for a while and end the battle.


Number 024

Number 024's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Number 024
Location: After the first hall with glass tubes in the Magitek Research Facility.
Attacks: Wall Change, !Overflow, Sun Bath, Ice Rabbit, Scan, Ice, Ice 2, Fire, Fire 2, Fire Ball, Aqua Rake, Acid Rain, Cure, Cure 2, Magnitude 8, Cave In, R. Polarity, Sonic Boom, Gale Cut, Bolt, Bolt 2 (phew!)
Effect of special attack: Confuses one target.
Party: The same party you used against Ifrit and Shiva.

Another tough battle. You might notice that Number 024 has a LOT of attacks, of almost every element. You see, when he uses Wall Change, it sets his elemental weakness to a random element, and he then uses attacks of the opposite element- Fire/Ice, Water/Lightning, and Earth/Wind. But, what about Poison and Holy? Well, when he's weak to Poison, he'll use Cure and Cure 2, and when he's weak to Holy, he'll use Reverse Polarity. In addition, he'll also randomly use !Overflow, confusing one of your party members, and after three wall changes, he'll have a system error and will randomly heal himself with Sun Bath and Ice Rabbit or Scan himself. So, he's pretty damn tough. But you can cast Imp on him, which will completely prevent him from changing barriers as long as he's transformed! However, all of his attacks do extra damage while he's in kappa form, so it's somewhat risky. But, really, why even bother using elemental attacks when you have such great non-elemental attacks available?


Number 128

Number 128's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Number 128
Location: During the mine cart ride out of the Magitek Research Facility.
Attacks: (Number 128) !Red Feast, Gale Cut, Atomic Ray, Blaster, Ice, Net (Left Blade) !Slash, Shimsham
(Right Blade) !Rapier
Effects of special attacks: (Red Feast) Drains HP.
(Slash) Physical attack, does twice the damage of a normal attack.
(Rapier) Physical attack, does 1.5 times the damage of a normal attack.
Party: The same party you used against Ifrit and Shiva, but without Celes.

This is a tough battle, because you're most likely weakened from the marathon battles against Mag Roaders on the subway, and because you only have three party members. However, you do have some cool new Espers. Use them, especially Maduin. Phantom isn't such a good choice, since so many of the boss' attacks are magical in nature. Also, don't bother with the blades, since they'll just regenerate. When you take out the main body, the rest will follow.



Crane's battle sprite.Crane's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Cranes
Location: The Blackjack, during the escape from Vector.
Attacks: (Left) Bolt 2, Fire, Fire 2, Fire 3
(Right) Fire 2, Bolt, Bolt 2, Giga Volt
(Both) Iron Ball, Magnitude 8
Effect of special attack: Physical attack, does 1.5-2 times the damage of a normal attack
Party: The same party you used against Number 128, but with Setzer.

This is your first time using Setzer in battle, so feel free to check out his Slot ability. Most of the time, you'll get 7-Flush, an extremely powerful non-elemental attack. For a full list of effects, check out Setzer's profile. Now, the cranes are powered up by different elements- the left one absorbs fire and the right one absorbs lightning. What's more, when they receive enough energy, they'll unleash it in the form of a powerful attack- either Fire 3 or Giga Volt. What's more, sometimes they'll even power each other up! To beat them, just use non-elemental attacks- Drill and Chainsaw are always good choices if you've got Edgar, and Slot also works well, due to the high chance of getting 7-Flush or Chocobop. Since you're guaranteed to have Locke in your party, have him steal from the left crane, and you'll likely get a Debilitator- a tool for Edgar that you won't normally be able to get until the World of Ruin! Just remember which elements not to use on the cranes, and you'll do fine.


Flame Eater

Flame Eater's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Flame Eater
Location: Burning house in Thamasa
Attacks: Fire, Fire 2, Fire 3, Fire Ball, Bomblet
Party: TerraLockeStrago

Well, considering that it's a giant ball of fire in a burning house full of fire monsters that uses fire attacks, what elements do you think you should use? If you said Ice and Water, you're absolutely right! Fire will heal him, and lightning, poison, earth, and holy have no effect. However, only ice will do double damage to him. There's a free Ice Rod in the house, so use that if you want. Also, use Shiva, Ice 2, and Aqua Rake- all are excellent attacks in this battle. Flame Eater shouldn't be too troublesome, even though he can summon Balloons and rarely Grenades to assist him. Yet another easy boss.


Ultros (third battle)

Ultros' battle sprite.
Japanese name: Orthros
Location: Statue room in the Espers' Gathering Place.
Attacks: Tentacle, !Ink, Stone, Magnitude 8, Aqua Rake, Lode Stone, Haste, Safe, Fire 3, Ice 3, Bolt 3
Effect of special attack: Blinds one target. This will never do anything, although if Strago is blinded, he can't learn Lores. So if he uses it on Strago, you might want to cure him- possibly one of the few times in the game that Eyedrops will ever be useful.
Party: TerraLockeStrago, and later Relm

When will he ever learn? This time, he's picked up some rather impressive magical attacks, but is still the same wimpy comic relief boss he was before. If you use magic on him four times, the game will print a message warning you of Ultros' "tri-elemental attack." What this means is that whenever you use a fire, ice, or lightning spell, Ultros will counter with a level 3 spell of the same element. After you've wailed on him for a while, Relm will show up. Have her Sketch Ultros, and the portrait will use Tentacle on him. Ultros will run away, finally realizing that he's "nothing more than a stupid octopus".


Kefka (second battle)

Kefka's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Cefca
Location: Thamasa
Attacks: Poison, Bio, Fire 3, Drain
Party: Leo

You really want a strategy for this battle? You'd have to try hard to lose this one- believe me, I've tried and succeeded, but it was really tough. Anyway, the only reason I'm including this battle is because it's the only time you'll get to use General Leo in battle. Savor it.


Ultros & Chupon

Ultros' battle sprite.Chupon's battle sprite.
Japanese names: Orthros and Typhon
Location: The Blackjack, during the approach to the Floating Continent.
Attacks: (Ultros) Tentacle, !Octopus Ink
(Chupon) Fire Ball, Sneeze
Effect of special attack: Blinds one target. Even with a different name, it's still just as worthless as ever.
Party: Three out of:

Back so soon? Sheesh. Ultros says that this will be your last battle, and he's right. This battle might actually provide some challenge, simply because the Imperial Air Force probably took a toll on your HP and MP. Generally, use anyone with a decent set of fire, ice, and lightning spells. After a while, Ultros will summon Chupon. At this point, just attack Chupon- Ultros will spend most of his time talking about the two-faced freak's power. When you defeat Chupon, he'll let out a powerful Sneeze that will blow your party off the airship. If you used Vanish/Doom to eliminate Chupon, your party will simply jump off. Either way, you'll be fighting...


Air Force

Air Force's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Air Force
Location: Above the Floating Continent
Attacks: (Air Force) Tek Laser, Diffuser, Wave Cannon
(Laser Gun) Tek Laser, Diffuser, Atomic Ray
(Missile Bay) Missile, Launcher
(Speck) None, but constantly has Runic active.
Party: Same party you used against Ultros and Chupon.

This is a tough battle. If you feel lucky, Mog is a good choice because his Water Rondo can hit both of the boss' weaknesses- lightning and water. Strago works almost as well with Aqua Rake, as does anyone who's been training with Ramuh and learned Bolt and Bolt 2. If Terra is in your party, have her use Morph- it should last a good while, assuming you haven't used it yet. If and when you take out the Laser Gun, the boss will launch a Speck, a small magic-absorbing drone pod. To be exact, it effectively sets up a permanent Runic. It will then start counting down from 6, after which it will destroy the Speck and use Wave Cannon. It will then use Wave Cannon every three turns after this. Hence, I would advise ignoring the Laser Gun and pounding on Air Force- once it's destroyed, the weapons will follow.


Atma Weapon

Atma Weapon's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Ultima Weapon
Location: Floating Continent, right before the area with the Goddess statues.
Attacks: Flare, Blaze, Bio, Quake, Meteo, Fire 2, Mind Blast, Quarter, Rasp, W Wind, Flare Star
Party: Shadow, plus three of:
"My name is Atma...I am pure energy...and as ancient as the cosmos. Feeble creatures, DIE!"

The first in a series of Final Fantasy bosses called Weapons, Atma Weapon may be relatively weak when compared to other Weapons, but he's easily the strongest boss in the World of Balance. He's the one of the only two bosses I condone using Vanish/Doom on, since he's so incredibly difficult otherwise. If you insist on doing it the hard way, then equip any fire-resistant equipment you happen to have, then beat on him with your best abilities. Be forwarned that when you've removed about 75% of his HP, he has a one-in-three chance of countering any damage with a Flare spell. Another way to beat him is to reduce his MP to zero through Rasp and Osmose spells. You see, Atma is a magical beast, and therefore needs magic to exist. Once his MP is depleted, he dies. However, you have to deplete it with Rasp or Osmose- he can still survive if he uses it all up. But if you use Rasp or Osmose while he's at 0 MP, then he'll die anyway.



Nerapa's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Nerapa
Attacks: Condemned, Roulette, Fire 2, Fire 3, Fire Ball
Location: Floating Continent during the Collapse
Party: Celes, plus three of:

Perhaps the easiest boss in the game, despite the fact that he uses Condemned on your entire party at the start of the battle. Heck, if he somehow manages to last six turns, he'll use Roulette and have a 20% chance of killing himself! Hardly worth even writing a strategy for, really. :)


The World of Ruin

Phunbaba (first battle)

Phunbaba's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Humbaba
Attacks: !Solar Plex, Bolt 2, Blow Fish
Effect of special attack: Physical attack, does thrice the damage of a normal attack.
Location: Mobliz
Party: CelesSabin

He may look big and tough, but the bigger they are, the harder they fall. He's weak to poison, so if you have Poison or, better yet, Bio, use it. After doing a little under 8000 points of damage to him, he'll run away to fight again another day.



Tentacle 1Tentacle 2Tentacle 3Tentacle 4
Japanese name: Tentacles
Attacks: (All) !Seize, Seize, Discard, Entwine, Bio
Effect of special attack: Decreases the speed of one ally.
Location: Engine room of Figaro Castle.
Party: CelesSabinEdgar

This battle makes Air Force look like Nerapa in terms of sheer difficulty. You see, the Tentacles have the obnoxious habit of temporarily disabling your party members and draining their HP. but they can also slow or poison you. But there is a way around at least "Seize." You see, it only works on characters who have been Slowed. So, if you equip someone with a pair of Running Shoes, they'll have permanent Haste status and hence be immune to Slow. So that way, you'll always have at least one character active. Now for the other annoying thing about the Tentacles. Each one absorbs a different element, so multi-targeted elemental spells won't be very useful. However, you do have Edgar in this battle, and he'll hopefully have the Chainsaw and Drill, and maybe the Debilitator. So, have him use Chainsaw and Drill on them (once, I got a one-hit kill using Drill- hey, that rhymes!), or Debilitate them if you're feeling lucky. Also, none of them absorb Holy or Wind, so Aura Bolt and Air Blade are good choices if you have Sabin. And, of course, I can never stress Maduin's importance enough, as your first big source of multi-target non-elemental damage. Just keep trying, and you'll win eventually.



Dullahan's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Dullahan
Attacks: Ice 2, Ice 3, Pearl, Cure 2, Absolute 0, N. Cross, L? Pearl, !Morning Star, Reflect???
Effect of special attack: Physical attack, does twice the damage of a normal attack.
Location: Darill's Tomb.
Party: CelesSabinEdgarSetzer

First of all, despite its appearance, Dullahan is NOT undead, so don't waste MP trying to cure it to death. He uses lots of ice and holy attacks, so if you happen to have equipment that blocks those particular elements, more power to you. Logically, due to his ice affinity, one would expect the D-man to be weak to fire, and one would be absolutely right. If Sabin has Fire Dance, use it, as well as any fire spells you happen to have. It's really a rather easy battle.


Special Note

At this point, the game becomes non-linear. Although you're directed towards the Cyan subquest initially, you can pretty much do the WoR in any order and, more importantly, recruit party members in any order. Hence, I won't be including a party section anymore, since theoretically you can fight any boss with any character at this point, with a few exceptions: Cyan cannot fight the Dream Stooges or Wrexsoul, Shadow and, depending on how you play, possibly Relm and Strago, cannot fight the Senior Behemoth, Strago and Relm cannot fight Chadarnook, and Umaro cannot fight Tritoch. He also can't fight himself, but that's pretty obvious, no? The bosses will be listed in an order that I find somewhat logical, but again, you can fight them in almost any order you want.

Storm Dragon

Storm Dragon's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Storm Dragon
Attacks: !Wing Saber, Cyclonic, Wind Slash, Rage
Effect of special attack: Physical attack, does thrice the damage of a normal attack.
Location: Mt. Zozo, inside the chest opened with the pressure plate.

The first of the legendary eight dragons is ironically the hardest. He has a ton of HP and powerful attacks. Along with Atma Weapon, he's one of the only two bosses I recommend using Vanish/Doom on. But if you insist on doing things the hard way, he's weak to lightning, so stock up on Thunder Rods and make sure everyone in your party knows at least Bolt 2. Instant-death protection is also quite useful in this battle, due to Cyclonic. Good luck!

7 dragons left.

Senior Behemoth

Senior Behemoth's first form.Senior Behemoth's second form.
Japanese name: King Behemoth
Attacks: (first form): !Evil Claw, Imp, Ice 2, Ice 3, Meteo, Pearl
(second form): Doom, Meteo, !Hypno Gas
Effect of special attack: (Evil Claw) Removes Reflect status.
(Hypno Gas) Puts one ally to sleep.
Location: Cave on the Veldt

This boss is pretty tough, especially because it's actually two bosses in one- after you defeat the first form, it comes back as an undead and attacks you from behind. However, note the key word in that last sentence- undead. In other words, once it comes back, you can just use the same "strategy" I mentioned in the Ghost Train's description.



Chadarnook's demon form.Chadarnook's goddess form.
Japanese name: Chardarnook
Attacks: (demon) Bolt 2, Bolt 3, Flash Rain
(goddess) Charm, !Doom Kiss, Lullaby, Phantasm
Effect of special attack: Causes Condemned status.
Location: Owzer's basement.

Well, as Owzer's speech before the battle implies, attacking the painting is a Bad Idea. In fact, if you do, you'll get blasted with Phantasm, which causes you to lose HP. What's more, unlike Poison and Seizure, this HP leak can't be removed until you defeat Chadarnook. So, how to go about doing that? First of all, DON'T ATTACK THE GODDESS FORM! Next, know his weaknesses. Obviously, as a demon, Chadarnook is weak to holy, and he also has a weakness to fire, possibly due to his affinity for paintings. As you can probably tell from his attack list, he absorbs lightning. If you have Sabin in your party, good! His Blitzes can capitalize on both of his weaknesses, and he just plain kicks ass. If you've completed the Cyan's Soul subquest, you've probably gotten the Alexander Magicite and maybe even learned Pearl. If not, that's all right. Chadarnook isn't as hard as I've made him sound. In fact, I remember him being pretty easy.


Red Dragon

Red Dragon's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Red Dragon
Attacks: Fire 2, Fire 3, Fire Ball, Flare, !Eraser, S. Cross, Flare Star, L4 Flare
Effect of special attack: Removes Reflect status.
Location: Phoenix Cave

As you can probably tell from the fact that he's a red dragon living in a volcano, he's most likely going to shrug off most fire attacks easily. Conversely, he's obviously extremely weak to ice and water. Hence, Strago and Celes both have an advantage here, as does Mog, if you can get out a Snowman Jazz or Water Rondo. Don't bother using Reflect, because he'll just Erase it- besides, most of his attacks are non-reflectable, and his only reflectable attack that actually hurts him is Flare. This battle shouldn't be too hard if you're well-prepared. Just make sure to do it on your first trip into the Phoenix Cave, so you don't have to come back to that horrible godforsaken nightmare pit ever again. (You can tell I hate the Phoenix Cave, right?)

6 dragons left.

Ice Dragon

Ice Dragon's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Freeze Dragon
Attacks: N. Cross, Absolute 0, Surge
Location: Narshe snowfield.

Don't be fooled by this little guy's cuteness, he's surprisingly vicious. However, he does have one fatal flaw. You see, all of his abilities are Ice-elemental. So, if you equip at least one person with equipment that absorbs ice, you're pretty much guaranteed victory, as long as you use low-level fire attacks to thaw him or her out when s/he's frozen by Ice Dragon's Northern Cross spell. And, of course, blasting Ice Dragon with Fire works quite well. One of the easier dragons, overall.

5 dragons left.


Tritoch's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Valigarmanda
Attacks: Rasp, Ice 3, Cold Dust
Location: Cliffs above Narshe.

Another rather easy boss. The ice-absorption tactic mentioned earlier works just as well here, and he's also weak to fire. Not much effort, considering the reward for winning.



Umaro's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Yeti
Attacks: Snowball, Blizzard, Surge, Lode Stone, !Tackle, Green Cherry
Effect of special attack: Physical attack, does thrice the damage of a normal attack.
Location: His cave, after you get the Terrato Magicite.

In contrast to Tritoch before him, Umaro is an living example of the adage "You get what you pay for." A pathetic boss battle earns you a pathetic character. You might have noticed Green Cherry on his attack list and thought, "Green Cherries? Don't those cure Imp status?" Well, when Umaro uses them, they give him Haste, Safe, and Shell statuses. They're also supposed to give him Regen, but they don't, due to a bug in the game. This effect also occurs if you use a Green Cherry on him yourself. And, no, it doesn't work when he's in your party, tragically.


Phunbaba (second battle)

Phunbaba's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Humbaba
Attacks: !Solar Plex, Bolt 2, Blow Fish, Baba Breath
Effect of special attack: Physical attack, does thrice the damage of a normal attack.
Location: Mobliz, after you complete Darill's Tomb.

Phunbaba hasn't changed much since the last battle, meaning that he's still weak to poison. However, when he's low on HP, he'll blow away two of your characters with his unique attack, Baba Breath. At this point, a morphed Terra jumps into the fray, and will stay morphed for the remainer of the battle. At this point, it's really easy to win. After this battle, Phunbaba is gone for good, and Terra will rejoin your party!


The Three Dream Stooges

From left to right: Larry, Curley, and Moe.
Japanese names: Sogno, Réve, and Sueño1
Attacks: (Larry)Fire 2, Fire 3, Slow, Mute, Pearl Wind, Rflect, Life 2
(Moe) Bolt 2, Bolt 3, Safe, Haste, Shell, Rflect, Cure 2
(All three together) Delta Hit
Location: "Escherland" section of Cyan's soul.

These three may seem harmless, but after fighting them for a while, you'll soon learn that they're anything but. If you look at the attack lists, you'll know that your first target should be Curley, since he can revive and heal the others. As his attacks also imply, he's a fire-based creature and hence weak to ice and water. Once Curley is down, go after Larry. After four attacks, he'll run away. When he's out of the picture, attack Moe with all you've got- just don't use lightning attacks, since they heal him. If you take too long to defeat Moe, Larry will return, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem.



Wrexsoul's battle sprite.
Japanese name: AlexSoul2
Attacks: (Wrexsoul) Bolt 3, Zinger
(Soul Savers) Fire 3, Ice 3, Bolt 3, Rflect, Magic Drain
Effect of special attack: Lowers one target's MP and restores the caster's MP by an equal amount.
Location: The throne room of Doma Castle in Cyan's soul.

There are two ways to win this battle: the quick and dirty way, or the hard way. The quick and dirty way involves waiting for Wrexsoul to use Zinger, then using X-Zone to take out the two Soul Savers accompanying him. Since they're the only monsters on the field, you win by default when they're sucked into the X-Zone. With the hard way, after Wrexsoul Zings your party, you have to systematically kill and revive each party member until Wrexsoul appears. Then pound on him with your best ice attacks (well, actually, anything but fire and holy, which he absorbs) until he uses Zinger again. Repeat until he dies. The only real incentive for using this method is that you get a Pod Bracelet if you do it the hard way, which increases the wearer's physical and magical defense.


Dirt Dragon

Dirt Dragon's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Earth Dragon
Attacks: Quake, Magnitude 8, Slide, !Honed Tusk, 50 Gs
Effect of special attack: Physical attack, does five times the damage of a normal attack.
Location: The stage at the Opera House.

There are two items that can make you invincible in this battle- Gaia Gear and Cherub Down. If you have Gaia Gear equipped, you'll absorb Dirt Dragon's earth attacks. If you have Cherub Down equipped, you'll have permanent Float status and can't be grounded by 50 Gs. So, be sure to have everyone your party equipped with either of these, and your odds of victory are 100%.

4 dragons remain.

White Dragon

White Dragon's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Holy Dragon
Attacks: Pearl, Dispel
Location: Fanatics' Tower, inside one of the treasure rooms.

Since you're in the Fanatics' Tower, you're only allowed to use magic against this particular dragon, but that shouldn't be too much of a hardship. Just don't use Pearl, since the boss absorbs it. BTW, this is one of the few bosses that can be encountered on the Veldt, along with Marshal and Senior Behemoth.

3 dragons remain.


MagiMaster's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Magic Master
Attacks: Wall Change, Fire 3, Ice 3, Bolt 3, Doom, Mute, Bio, Ultima
Location: Roof of the Fanatics' Tower, after entering the treasure room on the top floor.

This is one of the hardest boss battles in the game. I would recommend using Vanish/Doom here...or, rather, I'd like to, but Vanish doesn't work on this boss. As is, you're going to be stuck fighting this boss the old-fashioned way- pounding him with magic. A tactic that I've heard works well is to cast Berserk on him so that he can't use Wall Change. Then, find out his weakness and exploit it. Oh, and be sure to cast Life 3 on at least one party member. You see, when MagiMaster dies, he casts Ultima to go out in a blaze of sour grapes. But if you have Life 3 on at least one party member, they'll come back after being blown away by Ultima, and the victory will be yours.


Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Blue Dragon
Attacks: Aqua Rake, Flash Rain, Acid Rain, Clean Sweep, Slow, Rippler
Location: Area in the Ancient Castle where the Queen's statue is located.

This particular dragon isn't so much tough as he is obnoxious. He'll occasionally check to see if your party members have Haste status, and if they do, he'll use Slow on himself, then cast Rippler to haste himself and slow one of your party members in one fell swoop. Other than that, he's pretty pathetic. A couple Bolt 3's should show him who's boss. Two notes, though. One, if you bring Shadow, do NOT put Haste on him, or Blue Dragon will use Rippler on him and, as a result, he'll lose Interceptor, or rather, Interceptor will no longer block attacks for him. Two, if you bring Strago, don't kill the boss too soon. Instead, wait for him to use Clean Sweep. Other than that, this really is one of the easier dragons.

2 dragons remain.


Hidon's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Hidun
Attacks: Virite, Raid, Choke Smoke, Bio, Grand Train
Location: Ebot's Rock

First things first. Unlike most seemingly-undead bosses, Hidon actually is undead. But you don't want to get rid of him too soon, because he has the single best Lore in the game- Grand Train. So, how does he fight? Well, he has four little flunkies called Hidonites. Three of them use various status effects (Poison, Muddle, and Zombie, to be exact), and the other one uses a quadruple-strength physical attack called Mega Claw. So, get rid of them first. Hidon will then flash red and use Grand Train. Now, you're free to blast him with Life 2, Phoenix Down, Revivify, etc. at your leisure. If you didn't get Grand Train this time, fear not. Go back to Thamasa and talk to Gungho until he mentions Hidon reappearing. This will cause him to reappear in the cave, making him one of only a handful of RPG bosses who can be fought an infinite number of times.

Doom Gaze

Doom Gaze's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Death Gaze
Attacks: Doom, Ice 3, Aero, L5 Doom
Location: The sky, randomly attacks you when you're on the Falcon.

Like Dullahan, Doom Gaze is NOT undead, despite his appearance. However, like most undead, he's weak to fire and holy attacks. He'll run away frequently, but he doesn't rejuvenate lost HP between battles, so if you keep chasing him and wearing him down, eventually you'll defeat him and receive the Bahamut Esper. Vanish/Doom still works, but don't use X-Zone, or the event where you get Bahamut simply won't occur.


Gold Dragon

Gold Dragon's battle sprite.
Japanese game: Yellow Dragon
Attacks: Bolt, Bolt 2, Bolt 3, Giga Volt, Rflect
Location: Kefka's Domain

I haven't actually fought this boss, but I have read its battle script. Basically, if you hit it with enough physical attacks, it'll "begin to store energy", then use Bolt 3. It also has a habit of reflecting Bolt 2 spells off of itself to hit you. So, I'd advise mostly using magic against it to avoid the Bolt 3 counter, or else equipping your entire party with thunder-absorbent armor. That way, Goldy won't be able to hurt you at all.

1 dragon remains.

Skull Dragon

Skull Dragon's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Skull Dragon
Attacks: Condemned, Elf Fire, Specter, Disaster
Location: Kefka's Domain

Like Dullahan and Doom Gaze before him, you'd expect him to be undead, but he isn't. but have read the script for. He doesn't seem to be much for direct attacks, preferring to attack with status effects. But if you can equip stuff that nulls most of those status effects, all you really have to worry about is Elf Fire. He absorbs poison and is weak to fire and holy, so take that into account when choosing attacks.

Defeated all eight dragons...
Dragon Seal broken!!
Received the Esper "Crusader."


Atma's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Ultima Buster
Attacks: Fire 3, Ice 3, Bolt 3, N. Cross, S. Cross, Clean Sweep, Quake, Meteor, Flare Star, Ultima
Location: Area in Kefka's Domain resembling the prison in Vector
"I'm Atma...Left here since birth...Forgotten in the river of time...I've had an eternity to ponder the meaning of things...And now I have an answer..."

He's even more brutal than Atma Weapon, but I can't help but feel sorry for him after his speech. Anyway, down to butt-kicking. He absorbs every element except for the three basics (fire, ice, and lightning), so Tritoch might come in handy here, as will Fire/Ice/Bolt 3. All in all, pretty easy, especially since you're at higher levels than when you fought Atma Weapon. When you beat Atma, a save point appears.



Inferno's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Inferno
Attacks: (Inferno) Bolt 2, Bolt 3, Giga Volt, Atomic Ray, Shock Wave, Tek Barrier, Delta Hit, !Sobat
(Striker) Shrapnel
(Rough) !Rapier
Effects of special attacks: (Sobat) Physical attack, does thrice the damage of a normal attack.
(Rapier) Physical attack, does 1.5 times the damage of a normal attack.

If you take out one claw, be sure to take out the other, or else Inferno will let loose with nasty fire and lightning attacks. Or, alternatively, don't destroy either claw. Like his palette-swap brother, Number 128, the three monsters are all one- taking out Inferno will take out the claws, as well.


Unfortunately, I haven't fought any of the bosses listed below, so I can't give strategies for them, but I can still give attack lists, Japanese names, and locations, as well as some basic advice. Hopefully that will be helpful somehow.


Guardian's battle sprite.
Attacks: Tek Laser, Missile, Atomic Ray, Tentacle, Entwine, !Ink, Stone, Shock Wave, Mithril Knife, Asura, Tonic, Potion, Tek Barrier, Diffuser, Launcher, Wave Cannon, Flare, Meteo, Flare Star
Effect of special attack: Physical attack, does 1.5 times the damage of a normal attack
Location: Kefka's Domain

First appeared in the World of Balance as an invincible sentry to keep you out of places where you weren't supposed to go and, in one place, to keep you in the place you were supposed to be in. Now, you can actually harm it, and it has an interesting battle script, wherein it imitates various past bosses- specifically, Ultros, Dadaluma, Air Force, and Atma. Should be a pretty fun boss to fight, in a way.


The Warring Triad


Doom's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Majin
Attacks: Ice 3, N. Cross, Absolute 0, R. Polarity, Targeting, Force Field, !Demon Rage
Effect of special attack: Physical attack, does four times the damage of a normal attack.
Location: Kefka's Domain


Goddess' battle sprite.
Japanese name: Megami
Attacks: Bolt 2, Bolt 3, Flash Rain, Love Token, Quasar
Location: Kefka's Domain


Poltergeist's battle sprite.
Japanese name: Kishin
Attacks: Fire 3, Flare Star, Wave Cannon, Blaster, Shrapnel, Aero, Stop, Meteo, !Psychrip
Effect of special attack: Physical attack, does twice the damage of a normal attack.
Location: Kefka's Domain

The Monument to Non-Existence

This tower of Espers was created by Kefka for the final battle. You must fight it using your entire party, four at a time. The monument itself is composed of four tiers. If one of your party members is unconscious at the time a tier is destroyed, then the next one on the list you make at the start of the battle will take his or her place when the next tier comes up.

Tier 1: Face, Long Arm, and Short Arm (no image available

Japanese name: Face, Long Arm, and Short Arm
Attacks: (Face) !Slip Hit, Dread, Magnitude 8, R.Polarity, Safe, Haste, Quake
(Long Arm) Shock Wave
(Short Arm) !Vacuum Wave
Effect of special attacks: (Slip Hit) Causes one target to gradually start losing HP. (Vacuum Wave) Physical attack, does 1.5 times the damage of a normal attack.
Location: Final Battle

Tier 2: Hit, Magic, Tools, and Tiger (no image available)

Japanese name: Strike, Magic, Machine, and Tiger
Attacks: (Hit) !10 Hits
(Magic) Bolt 3, Mute, Pearl, Flare, Rasp, Fire 3, Ice 2, Rflect, Stop, Life 3, Ice 3, Sleep, Haste 2, Haste, Imp, Muddle, Poison, Drain, Bio, Dispel, Quartr
(Tools) Diffuser, Grav Bomb, Tek Laser, Missile, Absolute 0, Delta Hit, Atomic Ray
(Tiger) S. Cross, N. Cross, Flare Star, !Doom Tusk
Effect of special attacks: (10 Hits) Physical attack, does 1.5 times the damage of a normal attack, and is always immediately followed by 9 normal attacks. Fortunately, Hit only uses it as a counterattack when killed.
(Doom Tusk) Gives one target a set amount of time to live.
Location: Final Battle

Tier 3: Girl and Sleep (no image available)

Japanese name: Maria and Sleep
Attacks: (Girl) Life 2, Pearl Wind, !Calmness
(Sleep) Meteo, W Wind, Merton, Condemned, !Calmness, Train
Effect of special attack: Girl's version puts one target to sleep, Sleep's version instantly kills one target.
Location: Final Battle

Tier 4: Kefka

Kefka's ultimate form.
Japanese name: Cefca
Attacks: Fire 3, Ice 3, Bolt 3, Ultima, !Havoc Wing, Fallen One, Train, Revenger, Hyper Drive, Goner
Effect of special attack: Physical attack, does four times the damage of a normal attack.
Location: Kefka's Domain

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1. The word "dream" in Italian, French, and Spanish, respectively. Also, they're the Three Dream Brothers in Japanese, rather than the Three Dream Stooges.
2. Presumably a contraction of Alexander Soul, since the Alexander Magicite appears in Doma Castle after you defeat him.